Farsite NFT space exploration blockchain game

Farsite: NFT game explores the Final Frontier

From interstellar travel to military engagements, Farsite is an ambitious new blockchain game.

Outer space is the final frontier and setting of the upcoming NFT game, Farsite. Currently under development, Farsite describes itself as a  “blockchain powered MMO-RTS with elements of adventure” set in a fictional, post apocalyptic universe. In the game, players can take on many roles, whether they’d want to mine resources from virtual planets, manage bases, become pilots, and space buccaneers.

The Farsite World

In Farsite, players are set to explore stars or planetary systems located within vast constellations. Each star is home to resource rich planets, asteroids and anomalies that players can discover in their virtual space journeys. Man-made technological wonders are also available in each planetary system such as gates which aid in faster interstellar travel and stations which serve as hubs for players to repair and refuel ships and also engage in marketplace trading.

When it comes to resources, players can settle on various planetary sectors where they can construct bases for mining and acquiring NFT resources that can be used in the game. Being set in virtual outer space, the world, or rather, universe of Farsite appears huge and will continue to expand as the development plans to introduce more constellations each with their own stars or planetary systems as future content.


Player roles and rules

With MMO elements in mind, players can take on different roles when exploring the Farsite universe. Called Career Paths, there are a total of 9 in-game, each with their own specialization and ways of earning in-game credits. Planning to run a delivery service? You can be a Hauler, shipping cargo from one planet to another. How about directly getting resources? Well the Miner career path might just be the one for you. Players who are into crafting and production can take on the Manufacturer role, where they can craft components, ships, and even work on blueprints.

For a more action-paced gameplay, a Military role is also available and players can either target fellow players for loot or work with other players as hired mercenaries for protection. High power roles such as the Governor and Politician are available as well for players who are leaning towards managing their own planetary systems or forging agreements and alliances.

If you’re someone who wants a more direct involvement in the economy though, then you can become a Trader, giving direct impact to resource flow, setting prices and perhaps even gaining monopoly over a star-system’s economy. And of course, there’s the Explorer career path, geared towards virtual space nomads who are off to discover new planets and rare resources.

Resource  and Economy

Speaking of resources, Farsite’s main tradable resources are of course NFTs, assets that are minted into the blockchain with ownership belonging to the players, allowing them to control the economy itself and set the value for said assets. These resources aren’t just the ones being mined from planets and asteroids, but also assets such as blueprints for spaceships, lootboxes in the form of crates, and even stickers for ship cosmetics. These NFT assets are of course tradeable and come in various rarities with value soon to be set by the players themselves. Aside from NFTs, the Farsite also includes their own in-game token, called Credits and is used as the main utility token in-game. Credits can be used for trading in the marketplace, exploring new planets, base construction, creating in-game contracts, blueprints and upgrades. Aside from being used in-game Credits can also be swapped for FAR Tokens, an ERC-20 standard token running on the Ethereum Network. While Credits are also on the ERC-20 standard the operations run on Layer 2 of the blockchain meaning that it could not directly interact with the main Ethereum token. FAR Tokens have this capability though, and can be swapped directly with Ethereum and vice versa.


As of the moment, Farsite is still largely in development, although they have started their pre-Alpha phase to a limited number of participants back in Quarter 4 of 2021. Next on the list comes the pre-selling of crates or lootboxes and as well as the end of an airdrop campaign for interested users. In terms of release dates for its Alpha and Beta phases and as well as the full game, nothing is indicated just yet in the roadmap and given the size and scale of the game itself, players who are interested in becoming of Farsite might be in for a long wait.

Eve Online but with NFTs?

While it does not explicitly say in any of their documentation, Farsite does sound like a game that you get when you turn Eve Online into an NFT game. Space exploration, a player-driven economy, not to mention in-game career roles that let you organize huge social corporations that affect the interplanetary economy to the point of near-monopoly does sound something like what Eve Online already has. Although, as the game is yet to launch, we are yet to find out if iit will also be home to very expensive space battles with damages that are equivalent to thousands of dollars of real world money.

To invest or not to invest?

Despite having the elements of a play-to-earn title, such as player owned assets, token swapping, and NFT trading, the Farsite team does advise against players treating the game as if it’s an investment. In their disclaimer, the Farsite developers reiterate that FAR Tokens and Credits are both in-game currencies that can lose their value, that being their real world value. And it’s true, regardless of what play-to-earn game it is, there is always that possibility. But should you listen to the developers?

Looking at Farsite right now it does feel like they have a lot of opportunities to offer with the number of assets and possible use cases in the game, however given the scale of the project and with no targets indicated yet on their roadmap when it comes to milestones, interested players might be in for a very long hold. Additionally, our piece is just the tip of the iceberg for Farsite and there is a lot of info to take in when it comes to the minute mechanics and the nitty gritty parts that make the whole in-game world and economy function. This means that the learning curve for the game might be too high compared to pre-existing NFT or other play-to-earn games and might not appeal to a lot of players.

Still, it is a promising concept with a large scale, and big possibility for future content and interactions so we’ll try to keep a close eye on where Farsite’s virtual interplanetary journey can take us.

You can check out more about Farsite on their official website and their handy quick guide document.