Axie Infinity game lead energy

Game lead’s official statement on the Axie Infinity energy rework

Phillip La explains how the Axie developers are reacting to community feedback.

Philip La, Game Lead for Axie Infinity, took to Twitter today to thank everyone regarding their thoughts and feedback on Axie Infinity’s Energy System. He wanted to share some of the factors and the ideas that they are considering in the future.

La then assured the community no immediate changes would be made.

This comes after a huge debate on a planned energy rework that took up most of last week. We reported that there were several proposals made for the energy rework, however, a majority raised concerns and was met with harsh criticism. The reception led to the planned rework being suspended indefinitely last week with Axie Philippine Lead Nix Eniego the first to break the news on to the Axie Infinity Facebook Group.

Early Tuesday, La reaffirmed the decision and shared some insights and key takeaways from the community reception and discussion. He explained that the primary goal of the energy rework was to “reward players who hold their Axies while not causing additional SLP inflation.” Despite coming up with a model that they thought had long-term sustainability, their initial proposals were rejected by most of the community. He states knowing they don’t exist in a vacuum, a more reasonable energy rework system was proposed. He does say that the newer model though more agreeable had a risk of further inflation which is why they decided not to implement it.

In La’s tweet, he says, “we’re also empathetic to the volatility of the space our players have faced.” And so the team is looking for a way to update the system that will help in the long run without affecting players too negatively.

Axie Infinity has experienced many updates in the past year that were designed to address the growing inflation of the ingame economy while keeping the game balanced for everyone. However, many of these changes and updates have been met with harsh criticism. Changes have included halving SLP rewards to completely removing the daily quests and rewards in Adventure mode. Understandably, the community is wary of any new changes which might affect their current ecosystem.

Finally, La mentions that changes are inevitable and systems cannot stay the same way as they are while they fine-tune and make changes. While no changes are going to be made right now, it is likely changes will be made in the future especially with Origin rolling out soon. He says that they will look for a better opportunity to revisit energy changes.