imperium empire

In Imperium Empires, the burning mechanism is space combat

Are you ready to build your space empire?

Space is the only limit for a brand new metaverse game for the Avalanche blockchain network, Imperium Empires. Largely still in development, the game promises a “AAA-quality metaverse” centered around a team-to-earn concept putting the focus on co-op and PVP gameplay.



Developed by a team composed of members that boasts experience and track record working for companies like Animoca Brands and Tencent, Imperium Empires concept is reminiscent of the global space game hit, Eve Online. In the game players can own and utilize NFT assets in the form of Spaceships, which can be used to mine resources, explore zones, complete missions and participate in PVP battles.

Promising a ‘unique NFT burn mechanism’, part of the gameplay loop is having NFT spaceships suffer damage or even destroyed during PVP engagements allowing users to spend for repair or purchase new spaceships entirely. The level of damage that a spaceship can suffer depends as to which of the 3 zones in the Imperium Empires metaverse they’re caught up in – the Safe Zone, the War Zone, and the Combat Zone.

The Safe Zone, from the name itself, is a safety haven where players can have no fear of having anything destroyed from their ships and is also where players can repair their damaged spaceships. The Combat Zone is where the PVP experience begins and where ships start to suffer damage but only the components and not the actual ship itself. And lastly there’s the War Zone where no-holds barred, full on PVP takes place, with safeties off and with everything on your ship, even the ship can get blown to bits. Each zone also offers various rewards and materials with the lowest reward volume being the Safe Zone, and the highest being the war zones. Players can also loot destroyed ships, particularly in the war zone post combat, adding to the rewards potential when participating in PVP.

As “team-to-earn” is one of its central concepts, Imperium Empires seem to put mere emphasis on the creation of in-game guilds. Related gameplay elements such as territorial control, guild staking and as well as its own guild manage system are being planned to be put in play once the game launches. 

As far as tokenomics are concerned, Imperium Empires offer two tokens for its ecosystem, namely IME and IMC. IME can be earned as part of the seasonal rewards and through PVP by looting damaged ships and its utility is centered on NFT purchases and guild-related staking. IMC on the other hand can be earned through sales of mined resources and guild-related rewards with the token to be used to repair damaged spaceships, fees, and contributions to build guild structures. 

As of the moment, the Imperium Empires whitepaper does not provide a lot of detail regarding other token-related information such as planned distribution, allocation and governance information. However, it does state that Imperium Empires seeks to solve what it sees as 4 major problems in the current crop of blockchain games: Low Quality Graphics and Gameplay; Hyper-inflationary tokenomics; Lack of deep DeFi integration and Lack of Guild-based gameplay.

Whitepapers are commonly living documents that undergo updates and changes, we are expecting to get more information on the course of the project’s development. Imperium Empires is currently on its pre-alpha phase and the game is scheduled for a full launch in early 2023.

It seems like there’s a virtual space race going on in the metaverse with projects such as Imperium Empires, Star Atlas and Phantom Galaxies competing to become first to make it big in the final frontier. Only time will tell which one blasts off first.