Intella X is a new Polygon platform that will bring web2 games to web3

Now this one way to do web3

The Polygon blockchain network announces a new team-up with South Korean game company Neowiz. The collaboration aims to bring Neowiz’ IPs to web3 through a new platform, Intella X.

Neowiz is a game development and publishing company based in South Korea. The list of the company’s IPs include MMOFPS A.V.A., rhythm game DJ Max Respect V and the upcoming SoulsBorne game Lies of P. Neowiz also handles Battlefield Online for the South Korean market. Through Intella X, Neowiz aims to integrate their IPs with web3 technology similar to Netmarble’s MARBLEX for Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds. This means  that the games does not have to be native to web3, but can still have web3 functionalities. Intella X will include the IX Token which will have web3 utility like staking and liquidity.

On launch, Intella X will support Neowiz’ House of Poker and House of Slots. Other games like A.V.A are also in the pipeline as well as Neowiz upcoming web3 IP Cats and Soup. Intella X will also not just include to titles from the publishing company as they are considering the option to expand. Together with games, Intella X might also expand to other networks. Other than Polygon, networks like Ethereum, Solana and the Binance Smart Chain are the most common choices for web3 game developers.

Aside from gamers, developers are also bound to get benefits when using the new web 3 platform. Developers will be receiving a share of the IX Tokens with the distribution method to be based on both off-chain and on-chain data.

Polygon Studios CEO, Ryan Wyatt states “Neowiz has proven itself an incredibly ambitious and talented team, and we’re delighted to be working alongside them to put a web3 spin on their much-loved roster of games“. Neowiz CEO Taegeun Bae also adds “Intella X is a contributor-centric ecosystem, and working very closely with Polygon to create a sustainable and expandable developer/user-friendly platform“.