Iron and Magic is the web3 MMORPG from Ultima creator

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After months of anticipation, Richard Garriot’s anticipated web3 project is finally getting a name. Now called Iron and Magic, the web3 MMORPG follows the high-fantasy concept and will have blockchain elements like NFT lands.

Iron and Magic will play heavily into the concept of digital asset ownership rather than play and earn elements common in most NFT games. In Richard Garriot’s web3 MMORPG, players can own lands “in the realm of Lord British”. It is worth noting however, that there are no available descriptions or utility regarding these lands.

Together with the reveal of the official name, Iron and Magic also reveals their official social media pages. A website is listed but it only redirects to the game’s Facebook page with not a lot of info available. On the game’s official twitter page however, the team has revealed a series of promotional media detailing numerous biomes and terrain designs.Brief info regarding possible in-game activities like cooking mini-games and collectibles are also mentioned. Additional info like the game’s roadmap and target release date is also not available as of this moment.

Richard Garriot is known for creating the Ultima series of games. The series started on multiple systems like the Apple II, Commodore 64, DOS and others before landing on the Windows PC for its 9th installment in 1999. The series also had console spin-offs for the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Sega Master System and the PlayStation and as well as for the GameBoy handheld. Ultima’s online version, Ultima Online released back in 1997 is one of the earliest and longest-running succesful MMORPGs running up until today.

Iron and Magic is under development by studio DeMeta, where Richard Garriot is also involved as a Producer. More information about the game is expected to come out soon following the release of its official channels.