Rock paper Scissors

It’s possible to make $50 a day on Rock Paper Scissors play-to-earn game

More than the average monthly salary in the country!

We all know that play-to-earn blockchain games have the potential to earn you lots of money that’s comparative to regular monthly wages. But one man from the Philippines proves this by earning as much as $50 a day by playing a play-to-earn game based on rock paper scissors. 

In the Philippines and Latin America, the average monthly wage can be anywhere between $90 to $290 which is why play-to-earn blockchain games have become quite popular especially last year when Axie Infinity allowed some players to earn as much as $500 or more per month during the pandemic lockdown period. There has been a surge of popularity with play-to-earn and blockchain games since then which hasn’t seen a decline of new games popping up to take advantage of the opportunities.

Currently, blockchain games like Axie Infinity are dominated by players from Southeast Asia and Latin America and despite the decline of cryptocurrency values, many are still playing these games. 

On the play-to-earn game platform, players can create games of rock, paper, scissors and place bets on their game. Players choose between rock, paper, and scissors and the winner gets to win the prize pool from the bets minus a small fee from the platform. Players can use BTC, USDT, and the internal token BLA to place bets. BLA of course has the highest returns. 

Recently, a player by the online handle ManilaCity has been winning bets in his games on a regular basis and even won $50 in just 10 minutes of playing the game. This allows him to actually earn more money than the average threshold of minimum wage workers. Imagine players from other countries in Southeast Asia or Latin America doing the same and they would actually make more money investing in the game than back-breaking blue-collar jobs.

There are now a lot of opportunities when it comes to play-to-earn games as the number of blockchain games has increased compared to last year. We reported that in the first quarter of the year alone, a 2000% growth has been seen in the NFT game space compared to last year.

It remains to be seen whether blockchain games will truly replace regular work for people who are looking for sources of income, but the opportunity is definitely there and for the average joe who works at a low-income job, the extra cash by playing these games is definitely going to help them and their families. 

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