Laguna Games to launch 4 new mobile games

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Crypto Unicorns developer Laguna Games announces a new expansion of their gaming lineup. The development studio is adding not 1 but 4 new mobile games aimed at the casual crowd.

Just like their first title, Crypto Unicorns, Laguna Games new titles will also have blockchain elements. Development is done in-house and together with other collaborators. Laguna Games’ next set of titles are for casual gamers and all are slated to release later  this year. The 4 new games include:

  • Unigotchi – A virtual pet game similar to the hit Tamagotchi. The game also includes gesture control and voice commands.
  • Bumper Corns – A PVP casual title, players will try to knock other players out in order to win.
  • Mob Run – A casual title where players compete to gather the largest “mob”
  • Rainbow Rumble – A battle royale title.

Laguna Games’ collaborators include Coda Labs, a known game publishing platform for the iOS. Coda Lab will be co-developing titles Mob Run and Bumper Corns. Universal Ventures and Iguana Bee are also teaming up with Laguna Games for their new titles. Universal Ventures will help develp Unigotchi while IguanaBee will focus on Rainbow Rumble.

All of the 4 games are set to release in quarte 4 of this year. Despite having blockchain elements, all of the games will not require players to own any NFT assets to play. This will effectively make them free-to-play games although if it’s going to have any play and earn rewards feature is yet to be known. In a statement over at NFTGatos, Laguna Games CEO, Aron Beierschmitt says “The hyper-casual gaming market is a huge untapped opportunity that we are very excited to begin pursuing.” He then adds “We look forward to bringing our Crypto Unicorn collectibles to mobile devices around the world by the end of next year