League of Ancients announce partnership with Anantarupa Studios

In a bid to streamline development, League of Ancients welcomes a new key team member

League of Ancients unveiled a new partnership with Indonesian game development company Anantarupa Studios. The partnership will hope to streamline the upcoming play-to-earn game’s development process as they aim to hit their launch timeline later this 2022.

Announced through their Medium page, League of Ancient’s partnership with Anantarupa Studios will hope to save them up to 3 years of development time as they look to leverage the game development studio’s experience in creating a MOBA title. Anantarupa Studios headline IP is called Lokapala : Saga of the Six Realms MOBA game title first released back in 2020 and now has over a million downloads on the Google Play Store. Aside from their own game, Anantarupa Studios has also worked in other games such as Viranopoly, Columbia Garudayana AR, and Lunar Dream Project which was done in partnership with sports drink brand Pocari Sweat. With Anantanrupa Studios taking care of development, the League of Ancients team will be able to focus more on the “crypto-related aspects of the game” and as well as “expedite esports integration” on the road to the game’s release. League of Ancients says that they have selected Anantanrupa Studios after going through numerous proposals for potential candidates, and also because of the brand’s familiarity with the SEA region, League of Ancients’ initial target market.

Together with this announcement, League of Ancient’s also plans to hold their final NFT pre-sale happening very soon. The NFT pre-sale will allow for users to grab coveted character skins at floor prices before the value goes up once the marketplace goes live. These NFT skins can be used once the game launches and will come in varying rarities.

League of Ancients is aiming to launch this quarter 4 of 2022 with a beta launch to take place on quarter 3 of 2022. The game has some experience on board in the back end as they’ve had DOTA 2 pros CHUAN and HYHY be a part of its core team in February. As of the moment, League of Ancients is running a beta test of its marketplace feature with a full marketplace launch sometime later this March of 2022.