Life Beyond releases a new update to its Alpha Rewards program

Doing the Life Beyond grind? Then you might want to check this out

The open-world survival and exploration title Life Beyond is tweaking the rewards program for its Alpha phase gameplay. This is after collecting feedback and comments from players citing issues and suggested improvements.

In the new rewards program update, the development team is changing the amount of community experience points or cXP that players earn during gameplay. Changes are made on Solo, Duo, and Squad modes and also on the various difficulty settings. Aside from re-spreading the amount of rewards, the new update also increases the amount of cXP needed to earn raffle tickets. Raffle Tickets are part of another Life Beyond rewards program that will give away up to 1 million DOL tokens and alpha packs after the Alpha phase ends.

The update will now require 2,500 cXP to earn tickets from the previous 500 cXP. This new update also apply to the current set of alpha content packs, content pack 2, and will also apply for content pack 3. The Life Beyond team does state that the changes in the cXP requirement for tickets will not be affecting the final prize. Players who also own Dolos passports will also still be earning extra raffle tickets as part of their in-game benefits.

Teasing for an upcoming update

Together with the updates to the rewards program, Life Beyond is also teasing what could be a future content update. Revealed to be a new land, the teaser image features an alien landscape dominated by a tentacled creature that feels straight out of a Lovecraftian nightmare.

The Life Beyond team is not including a lot of details yet outside of the concept art and few descriptions though so we’ll just have to be on the lookout for anything new in the coming weeks. Life Beyond’ s gameplay follows known open world exploration games like Minecraft and Fortnite but is set in an alien planet. Aside from exploration and survival the game also promises to include an Era system that will gradually evolve the game’s core elements and as well as player interactions.