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LifeForce Games receives $5 Million funding injection

They're currently working on a sci-fi themed tower defense game

LifeForce Games,  a recently formed metaverse and blockchain game developer,  has announced a successful funding round for seed investments to power their bid for their own blockchain based game title.

The funding round was led by Lemniscap, a Hong Kong based venture capitalist company specializing in crypto and blockchain financing and is participated by CMT Digital, Sfermion, Hartmann Capital, and Sterling VC. The funding is said to go towards Lifeforce Games efforts in creating a ‘blockchain based platform’ which will allow the use of known cryptocurrencies and as well as NFT interoperability across other games and platforms. This basically means that instead of focusing on creating their own coins or tokens, Lifeforce Games will instead leverage existing cryptocurrencies and utilize them within their games’ metaverse. The plan to do this by having NFT assets available not just for one game under their banner but for multiple games as well.


lifeforce games
Solar Storm Concept Art | Lifeforce games


As of the moment, LifeForce Games’ website features a game titled Solar Storm, which based on the promotional images, would seem to be a tower defense game featuring sci-fi characters. The characters come in different classes, the Archer, Assassin, Gunslinger, Swordsman and Tank with 3 possible other characters to be added in the roster. 

The LifeForce Games team is composed of leaders that have their experience rooted in blockchain and metaverse development, as well as traditional gaming platforms. Aside from co-founding their own Web3 based companies like LandVault, and Ready Player DAO, the other members have also been involved with well known brands like Amazon and Sony PlayStation. In terms of available information, not much can be digged up from LifeForce Games as of this article’s writing aside from what is readily available on their website but we are looking forward to seeing and hearing more from them in the near future.

This news follows the huge funding round by Crypto Unicorns last week to the tune of $26M. The big fish in the NFT gaming space is still Axie Infinity though as according to the it accounts for 19 percent of all NFT transactions.