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metaEngine to make GameFi deployment faster and simpler

Over 25 GameFi projects are already on board with metaEngine

Gaming developer and platform metaEngine recently raised $4.5 million seed investment in its recent seed funding round. Venture capital (VC) firms Lemniscap and Jump Crypto led the initiative with the participation of several other companies such as Polygon Studios, blufolio, Blockwall, Insignius Capital, CoinDCX Ventures, Future Fund, Maelstrom and Efficient Frontier.

The funding will be used in the development of the metaEngine v1 which is slated to be released by Quarter 3 of 2022. The metaEngine team is looking to use the investment to develop and enhance their Web3 game engine so that they can create a faster and more seamless experience in building Web3 GameFi projects.

Play-to-earn and NFT-enabled games currently require a large amount of external infrastructure that is simply not possible in a single platform. metaEngine changes this as it basically puts into place all the required blockchain tools needed to develop a game.

It will also feature multi-chain compatibility as well as multi-game functionality. This means that items can truly be enabled across different game environments as long as they are all built on the metaEngine platform. This will be fundamental in the creation of a true open metaverse gaming experience, as you will be able to bring your items with you whatever game you choose.

In fact, over 25 GameFi projects are set to be on board already with the metaEngine v1 platform.

There are high hopes for the metaEngine project as it is based on two decades worth of experience with developing the MMO game engine HeroEngine. With metaEngine, developers will have the necessary tools to create and publish  MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) experiences with blockchain and NFTs enabled. In the future, this may allow the migration games from other venues or platforms – Ragnarok is an example of an upcoming Play-to-Earn title conceived from existing IP.

This means that players can have a true MMO experience along the lines of World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy while at the same time allowing for enabling NFT items in-game which can be exported to other games that are built on the same metaEngine platform. 

metaEngine has also secured rights and licensing agreements with major companies like Electronic Arts (EA) and Zenimax to work on such MMORPGs such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Elder Scrolls Online, and other MMO projects.