Metalcore details utility for genesis NFTs

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Metalcore’s genesis NFTs are on the way after the whitelist and first public sale back in late July. The collection of 10,000 NFT assets include unique infantry that future Metalcore players can use once the game launches. Now, the upcoming AAA blockchain title gives more detail on how these assets function and what they provide to their holders.

Just like the many other NFTs available in blockchain game, Metalcore’s genesis NFTs main utility is in-game use. Holders will be able to enjoy early access to Metalcore prior to its public launch and provide needed feedback for the team during its development. Together with early access, additional perks are also available depending on the NFT tier. Metalcore lists 7 rarity tiers for its genesis NFTs starting from Uncommon to Obsidian. Depending on their rarity, genesis NFT holders can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Pre-whitelist Access – Access to future NFT drops ahead of whitelist holders and a 20% discount on purchase price.
  • Whitelist Access – Access to future NFT drops and a 10% discount on NFT purchase price
  • Allowlist access – Access for future NFT drops
  • In-game currency bonus – Future rewards in the form of in-game currency. Point value will depend on the rarity level of the infantry NFT.
  • Land NFT sale – Access to exclusive land NFT sale. A premium access  is also available with details to be revealed in the future.

In addition to these bonuses, genesis NFT holders, specifically the Obsidian, Gold and Silver tier will have access to leaderboard bonuses. These players will soon be able to enter the leaderboard challenge and earn points depending on the rarity of their NFTs. A full breakdown as to which tier gets which utility is available below.

Detailed breakdown of Metalcore Genesis NFT utility by tier.
Detailed breakdown of Metalcore Genesis NFT utility by tier.

Metalcore plans to hold its open world alpha for NFT holders later this 2022. Early access gameplay is also arriving soon as well as the genesis mint for NFT lands. Metalcore has been creating buzz lately after its gameplay reveal back in June. Described as a “AAA blockchain game”, the title borrows elements from popular FPS titles as well as the hit mecha shooter, Titanfall.