MetalCore seed round nets $15M for combat NFT game

MetalCore mecha NFT game completes $15M seed round

10,000 war machines will be released in the public sale in Q2/Q3

MetalCore, the upcoming combat play-to-earn game featuring futuristic sci-fi robots, is celebrating a new achievement today after a successful private sale seed round involving their tokens and NFTs.

Some of the participants in the private token and NFT sale include BITKRAFT, Delphi Digital, Immutable and Animoca Brands, with organizations such as the Yield Guild Games joining in as well. The private sale netted USD $15 million in funding for Studio396 and MetalCore, which will help them boost the project for their next milestone.

Completion of the private sale was one of the major targets for MetalCore in the first quarter of 2022, together with the release of their litepaper, and major promotional materials. By next quarter, interested players will then have to look forward to the ‘Genesis mint’ event which we assume would allow players to own NFT characters for MetalCore and have them ready once the game gets launched.

NFT characters such as the ones included in genesis or first time mints are of very limited quantity and can only be acquired usually during minting events. These characters are classified differently from the ones that will be made available in-game, and as such usually have higher value when traded in the market.

MetalCore is a mecha-themed combat game currently in development by Studio396. In the game, players can either pilot their mechas directly and engage in PVP and PVE battles or become “barons” who rent out their mechas for other players to use in exchange for split in loot.

With its whitepaper or any other similar documentation yet to be releasde, few details are available just yet as to what tokens or rewards players can earn while playing and how the play-to-earn system is implemented. However, the project has quickly gained traction because of its premise and visuals, and it is becoming one of the most anticipated play-to-earn titles in development.