Metalcore releases new trailer showing massive mecha gameplay

It looks amazing!

The veterancy of the development team behind the upcoming Metalcore is on full display as they release a brand-new trailer for the game. Showcasing massive mecha gameplay the trailer is a sure treat for fans that are following the project.

Despite it being short, the new Metalcore trailer gives us a glimpse of how the game will play out. Set in a sci-fi alien environment with huge biomes, players will soon engage in a battle for resource and supremacy. The highlight of the trailer was the massive mechas that players can soon use or face against in the game. Also shown are weapons like automatic guns, rocket launchers and abilities to fly over or traverse terrain. Massive player versus player battles are shown in the trailer as well. Polygon’s CEO Ryan Wyatt was the one to reveal the trailer in a twitter post together with other Polygon game announcements.

As per the roadmap, Metalcore plans to enter early access this Quarter 4 of 2022. A genesis mint event is also coming together with the early access timeline. Guilds can also participate in the Metalcore ecosystem during the early access launch through the Barony system. Metalcore’s Barony system will let players and guild owners to rent out NFT mechas to other players. This mechanic is similar to the scholarship system present in many existing NFT games.

Metalcore is in development by Studio 396. The development team consists of members that previousl worked with Warner Brothers Games, Midway games, and Electronic Arts. Studio396 raised USD 15 Million through a funding round early this year to boost the game’s development. In this coming quarter, Studio396 plans to hold limited access guild play sessions to give the community a first preview of the actual gameplay. The Metalcore litepaper is also available for viewing for anyone who wants to know more about the project while the full whitepaper is being prepared.