Metamask to launch their own web3 game launcher HyperPlay

The popular web3 wallet finally dives into gaming.

The highly popular crypto wallet Metamask reveals their partnership with blockchain DAO Game7 in a bid to dive further into web3 gaming. The partnership will aim to launch HyperPlay, Metamask’s own web3 game launcher.

Metamask is one of the leading blockchain and crypto wallet with users already using it for web3 game transactions. An example would be the highly popular Axie Infinity which also utilizes Metamask together with their own Ronin wallet. With their Hyperplay platform, it aims to make web3 gaming more accessible. Collaborating with Game7, Hyperplay will encourage developers to build on the dapps native to the platform and integrate asset utility. Once it launchers Hyperplay users will soon be able to not only transact but also interact with other game elements. These elements include NFTs, achievements, rewards and other assets that maybe gamified by dapps.

Together with ease of access, Hyperplay will also aim to boost game discovery. In theory the platform will work similar to Steam a highly popular launcher and storefront for PC games. Steam has become the ‘go to’ for PC gamers not just for purchase of game titles but also for other services such as cloud saves, achievements, social elements and even item-trading for supported game titles. Aside from what is mentioned though, there is no info yet if Hyperplay will include the said elements.  Similar platforms like Steam also include the Epic Games Store and GOG.

Gaming is one of the most popular use cases on MetaMask and this milestone is crucial as it represents the first time that players can carry their MetaMask wallet into and across desktop games“, says Taylor Monahan, Global Product Lead at MetaMask in a press release. She also describes Hyperplay as a “significant milestone in the gaming industry” once it launches. Speaking of launch, Hyperplay will be launching to web3 desktop users this coming February 2023.