Metastrike first person shooter metaverse NFT gaming concept

Metastrike promises FPS gameplay with NFT gaming tokenomics

Stealing NFTs from other players brings a new incentive to shoot first and ask questions later.

A new and immersive blockchain gaming experience is promised by Metastrike, a new ambitious NFT game project combining the gameplay of a First Person Shooter (FPS) with a metaverse environment.

While virtual reality and FPS are not a new concept, adding blockchain integration ups the ante for Metastrike as it plans large scale, MMO-level deployment compared to other FPS VR projects.

Although the virtual component will not be a requirement for play, Metastrike offers VR integration for both of its planned PVP and PVE experiences. According to their litepaper, they will have virtual reality completely available for their Zombie and Survival modes as well as training modes against AI players.

Virtual reality will also be made compatible for PVP modes or actual real-time player-versus-player matches that include Deathmatch, Demolition, Capture the Flag, House Defense and Sniper versus Sniper. Virtual Reality will also be made compatible for the Guild War mode, although full details for that will be available down the line.

Billing itself as “A Blockchain-based VR Role-Playing First Person Shooter Metaverse” might sound like the developers are simply checking buzzwords. But combining these elements could theoretically allow for new forms of play – and indeed, gameplay intriguingly appears to include the ability to steal NFTs from other players – and possibly even Guild challenges that allow groups to raid each other’s territory and ‘steal’ land.

NFTs and Play to Earn meet First Person Shooter

As another Play to Earn title, players can of course farm for tokens to earn while playing Metastrike. Following the same general design of NFT game tokenomics, Metastrike will have two tokens, the governance coin (MTS) and the utility coin (MTT).

MTT can be earned through in-game rewards either by completing PVE missions or winning in PVP matches. MTT can then be used to purchase and upgrade weapons, accumulate perks, and access different areas of the game’s metaverse map.

MTS on the other hand, while mainly used for governance, is also planned to be part of the rewards system reserved for tournaments and competitions within the Metastrike metaverse.

Metastrike is set to launch within the first quarter of 2022. For more info you can visit the official Metastrike website or check out their Linktree.