mobile legends bang bang binance gone in 120 seconds

Mobile Legends Bang Bang’s first NFT collection gone in 120 seconds

The in-game rewards weren’t exclusive, but people piled on regardless.

Earlier this month, the massively-popular mobile MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Mobile Legends Bang Bang, became the first game of its kind to release an NFT collection on the crypto platform Binance. The collection then promptly sold out in less than 2 minutes after opening for sale.. 

MLBB developer Moonton partnered with NFT creator and distributor NFKings to produce the MLBB NFT collection, called The Aspirants Mystery Box. The collection introduced the first anime-themed skins to the game and had 12 unique loot boxes which came in 4 different rarities: Super Super Rare (SSR), Super Rare (SR), Rare (R) and Normal (N).

Each mystery box contained a “digital figurine”, exclusive animations of the  MLBB characters Layla and Fanny, and an exclusive EMOJI NFT Airdrop.


Blade of Kibou FannySSR1500.60%
Miss Hikari LaylaSSR1500.60%
Skylark FannySR18507.40%
Blazing Gun LaylaSR18507.40%
Lightborn – Ranger FannyR22509%
S.A.B.E.R. Breacher LaylaR22509%
Christmas Carnival FannyR22509%
Bunny Babe LaylaR22509%
Campus Youth FannyN300012%
Green Flash LaylaN300012%
Lifeguard FannyN300012%
Blue SpecterN300012%

The NFTs also allowed its owners to redeem in-game skins used to dress up their characters in alternate looks. The rarity of the item that you pulled dictated the in-game skin that you would receive. The redemption rules were as follows:

  • Collect 1 SSR NFT to qualify for the newly released “Miss Hikari” and “Blade of Kibou” in-game skins (Limited to 10).
  • Collect 2 different SR NFTs to qualify for the limited editions “Bunny Babe” and “Lightborn-Ranger” in-game skins (Limited to 10).
  • Collect 1 SR NFT to qualify for the limited edition “Lifeguard” and “S.A.B.E.R. Breacher” in-game skins (Limited to 10).
  • Collect 1 N, 1 R, 1 SR, and 1 SSR to receive a random “Miss Hikari” or “Blade of Kibou” EMOJI NFT airdrop. (Limited to 100, 50 each for “Miss Hikari” and “Blade of Kibou”)

Moonton and NFKings also included a raffle that awarded the first 22 qualified participants with a prize pool of 20,000 BUSD. The prizes were skewed in chronological order to favor the earliest qualifying participant:

  • 2,000 BUSD was rewarded to the 1st qualified participant;
  • 1,600 BUSD was rewarded to the 2nd qualified participant;
  • 1,200 BUSD was rewarded to the 3rd qualified participant;

 A total of 15,200 BUSD was evenly split among the 4th – 22nd qualified participants.

There were a total of 25,000 boxes with a purchase limit of 100 boxes per user. Each box was priced at 25 Binance USD. The Aspirants Mystery Box was sold out within 2 minutes after it opened for sale on Binance.

It should be noted that all the in-game skins that were redeemable via the Mystery Box NFTs are also available during the ongoing “Aspirants Unite” MLBB in-game event and will continue to be available until the event ends in February 25, 2022 — long after the Mystery Boxes have sold out.