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MTG Creator Richard Garfield Tag Teams ups Blockchain Brawlers

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WAX Studios, creators of the NFT PFP project Blockchain Brawlers, has teamed up with Magic: The Gathering designer Richard Garfield for an upcoming PVP game mode experience. 

Blockchain Brawlers is the first game from WAX Studios, with its innovative ideas and dedication to disrupting traditional gaming culture led by Chief Gaming Officer Michael Rubinelli. A 25-year veteran of this industry who has been integral in developing one of today’s most popular business models—free2play games that are both accessible for all types of gamers but also provide an opportunity at profit if you have enough skill or time invested.

With his eye on the future, Wax Studios Chief Gaming Officer Michael Rubinelli thinks P2E gaming needs an overhaul and sees Garfield as just what is needed to get it done.

Web3 gaming is in urgent need of redefinition. Right now, it’s more about farming than having fun, Rubinelli said,

The sentiment of change how blockchain gaming is currently implemented has been echoed many key figures in the mainstream gaming industry. The latest of which is former Nintendo of America COO Reggie Fils-Aime stating that he believes in blockchain technology but it has to “good for the player” and not just as a “development entity to make money” which most of what Web3 gaming is today.

Rubinelli states that this is why he tapping Garfield to make the Blockchain Brawlers game as compelling as can be adding that Garfield has a “beautiful, mathematical, and strategy-driven mind.”

Garfield said in a statement that the goal of the design would be to make a fun game with in-depth strategic elements but also make it accessible: 

“I am aiming for a game that is entertaining and immersive with real strategic choices and opportunity for risk taking—yet easy enough to learn that it opens up Blockchain Brawlers to a broad player audience, 

We can take note of the game’s original PVE mode that launched at the end-of March. In its first two weeks of beta it saw over $430 million in volume traded.

The entry-level NFT Brawler costs at least 2,400 WAX which is about $600. But in the current game mode players will also have to purchase a virtual wrestling ring and those start as low around 590 WAX or $150.

With his work on Blockchain Brawlers, Richard Garfield may be able to help the game’s growth and establish a long-term user base. Hopefully it’ll also make it a lot of fun to play that most blockchain games out there. “Brawlers’ ‘ is currently among the top 40 most popular Dapp games according to data from Dappradar.