MyMetaverse new NFTs will be useable for GTA V and Minecraft

Finally, some utility

Blockchain games platform MyMetaverse announces that they are starting the mint of their first NFT with in-game utility. Partnering with Efinity, a blockchain built on Polkadot, MyMetaverse’s new NFT will have utility in their in-house MMO as well as their own multiplayer game servers.

The collection, called MetaHome, will primarily be useable in the MMO title, Infinity Realms. The game has players exploring a sci-fi world and collect Infinity Shards and Infinity Dust by engaging AI enemies. The Metahome NFT serves as a piece of digital real estate that players can build homes on. These homes will serve as hub not just for players but also for social interactions within Infinity Realms.

Aside from Infinity Realms, the MetaHome NFT collection will also have utility in other MyMetaverse titles. These titles are more specifically private servers run by MyMetaverse that offer multiplayer experiences on top of pre-existing games. The game lists includes Grand Theft Auto V, originally developed by Rockstar Games and Microsoft’s Minecraft. Holders of the Metahome NFT can get access to exclusive items when used on MyMetaverse’s GTA V and Minecraft servers that includes vehicles and weapons.

Currently, MyMetaverse has 2 multiplayer servers for Minecraft and 1 for GTA V. Metahome will be the first NFT collection to provide in-game utility. Currently Metahome’s mint price is USD 20 with the actual mint to start on September 22, 2022. The NFTs mint price will also increase depending on the number of NFTs being minted and will have a total supply of 420,000 to be made available.

MyMetaverse was founded back in 2018 and serves as a platform for various play-to-earn experiences. Aside from developing their own game, the platform also aims to become and app store and game library and offers developers a way to integrate blockchain functionality into existing games. The platform also aims to become carbon neutral and promises to only use low-carbon blockchains for their NFT assets.