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New Global Rules Axie Esports put stress on Collusion and Win-trading

Read, absorb and try not to get banned this season!

A week after the start of the final competitive season of Axie Infinity Battles v2, developer Sky Mavis sent out an update containing a new set of Global Rules intended to help maintain competitive integrity for Axie Infinity. This move follows  the creation of the Axie Esports Competitive Integrity Council which will serve as a watchdog and jury for any issue concerning Axie Infinity’s competitive scene.

As part of their mid-season update, Sky Mavis’ Global Rules for Axie Infinity Esports lay down the guidelines, terms and offenses that players, teams and tournament organizers need to abide bye. In addition to players, the global rules also indicate that other stakeholders like coaches, managers, tournament organizers, administrators, and team owners should also be involved and will be subject to the terms included in the ruling. This move follows the creation of the Axie Infinity Competitive Integrity Council which was formed back in late March and is composed of representatives from stakeholders within the Axie Infinity ecosystem. The global rules will also serve as the council’s guide when laying out their decisions and also determining which offenses violate Axie Infinity’s competitive integrity. 

Putting fair play at its core, the global rules include a few obvious offenses such as cheating, use of exploits, and multi-accounting.

Betting  or gambling of any form by players, commentators, coaches, managers, tournament organizers, and other parties involved in Axie Esports in an official capacity will likewise not be tolerated.

The Global Rules for Axie Infinity Esports also prohibit any form of automation. The rules define this as non-human means such as (but not limited to): 

  • using scripts to send comments or messages
  • using any data mining, robots, or similar data gathering and extraction tools

Collusion or match manipulation is also included and is more properly outlined. The Global Rules for Axie Infinity Esports now define collusion as:

“any agreement between two or more players to throw out the standard of competition in the game; agreements to split prize money and/or other forms of compensation; throwing a match or coercing someone else to do so; agreements between players to play for a draw.”

The rules also specifically single out “match-fixing, win-trading, draw-trading” stating that:

“All players should play to the best of their abilities; any sort of match-fixing, win-trading, draw-trading or colluding between competitors is strictly prohibited when there are financial incentives, such as prizes and rewards.”

The rules also specifically defines the act known as Ringing as:

“sharing access to an account and having another player participate on behalf of another player, and is strictly prohibited.”

Match manipulation in Axie Infinity became a hot topic just last month, when 7 professional players participating in win trading were prohibited from participating in competitive matches and their Axies locked up

Getting banned from Axie Esports isn’t the only punishment awaiting those who violate Axie Infinity’s Terms of Service and as well as the global rulings. Players, coaches, managers, tournament organizers, administrators, and team owners who are found guilty of breaching or committing violations could also have their prizes forfeited and have their in-game assets be banned from use.

The asset ban is similar to what Axie Infinity did in the  aforementioned banwave which had 210 Axies frozen for 999 days, this means that these Axies are not only banned from being used in-game but also from being traded in the Marketplace, making them essentially useless.

The list of Banned players will be given to tournament organizers to ensure that players will not be able to join tournaments. As of the moment, the list of banned players still only contain the 7 professional players banned last month, RJB | Axiemptomatic, Aremyzy, Keng #1, JM Esports, MxZ 20, xSkyyy, and #471 Real Deal.