New skins and Adidas-themed merch are up for grabs in Thetan Arena

Are you ready for a hat trick?

Thetan Arena joins the celebration of the football season with a new in-game event that rewards more than digital goodies. The Ultimate Hat Trick event will be full of football themed content with a new skin and other collectibles.

Part of the event is the new limite-time Hat-trick Thetan Box bundle. Each bundle will contain an exclusive trio of skins plus a new football-themed Raidon skin. The bundle will contain either Durass or El Dragon or both plus a chance to unlock the legendary hero Cala. All of the hereoes in the bundle will also come with an accompanying skin.

Together with the new hero and skin bundles, Thetan Arena’s Hat-trick event will also be giving away actual merchandise. The blockchain MOBA is putting up an Adidas merchandise up for grabs including – an Adidas Fifa World Cup 2022 Official Emblem Tee, Adidas Al Rihla Competition Ball and a pair of Adidas Predator Edge.3 Laceless Ground Cleats. Participants of the Hat-trick event or more specifically, players who bought the Hat-trick bundle will be entitled to a raffle ticket for the giveaway.

Aside from the new skins and new items, a new football themed arena is also available for play. The new battlefield will be available to all players and all heroes and will come with a new layout.

Thetan Arena's new football-themed stadium.
Thetan Arena’s new football-themed stadium.

Thetan Arena is a web3 MOBA or multiplayer online battle arena developed by Wolfun Game. The hat-trick event is part of the long line of in-game events and programs that Wolfun has been doing for this year. These events include marketplace quests, a summer-themed event and even their own esports tournament. Together with in-game events, Thetan Arena has also been active in other programs including a guild accelerator program which put up USD 500,000 worth in grants for guilds and other web3 DAOs.