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Here are the Top 10 P2E Games in Q1 for 2022!

It's been a rollercoaster of a quarter!

Its been a big rollercoaster ride for the burgeoning blockchain gaming industry in this first quarter of 2022. It experienced a massive surge at the start of the year before plummeting and eventually stabilizing to where it is now as we start a new quarter. Even with the huge decline from where it was initially, the blockchain gaming sector has still experienced a huge growth. This primarily through the backs of the games that comprise the sector.

DappRadar  and the Blockchain Gaming Alliance, put together a comprehensive report of how Q1 of 2022 has been for blockchain gaming. As part of that report, they compiled the top 10 blockchain games in the Q1  2022 according to unique active wallets. The list has some interesting and surprising data, not least of which is P2E favorite Axie Infinity (which is responsible for 19% of all NFT transactions) is just number 6 on the list.

Here is the full list.

Top 10 Games Report according to DappRadar X BGA 

1. Splinterlands

The trading card game is the number one ranked dapp game on this list, even with staggering price drops across all other blockchain gaming spaces. Splinterlands is one of the few blockchain gaming projects to see a positive shift in the valuation of its native token as SPS gains back its value.

Splinterlands has snagged the top spot for this month’s honor. Thanks largely to a solid user base that numbered 562,730 unique active wallets registered in 30 days – along with a 7% increase for its native token SPS valuation. Its upcoming SPS Validator Node program coming soon may have been responsible too.

2. Alien Worlds

The most visited gaming dapp by far this month is Alien Worlds, which saw 889K unique active users and ranks second place with 29% less valuation on the TLM token.

3. Farmers World

The popularity of Farmers World continues to grow with more than 190,000 unique active wallets registered in April. The game also secured $430K worth NFT trading volume making it one the most trafficked collections on BSC!

4. Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes is one of the most popular games on play-to earn platforms with over 139,798 active wallets playing daily in March. Showing an awesome 540% growth from the end of December last year.

5. Upland

The EOS-based Upland game continues to dominate the virtual real estate sector of blockchain gaming space with over 271,000 unique active wallets in just the past month, making it the most visited dapp on the EOS platform.

6. Axie Infinity

The whole Axie Infinity ecosystem is still healing from the recent massive hack on their system that happened. Even in this unfortunate situation, Sky Mavis launched the much-anticipated release Orig small enough for blockchain technology! Importantly, they also revealed new details regarding upcoming land gameplay and more surprises are reportedly coming,

7. MOBOX: NFT Farmer

The BSC farming platform, Mobox, continues to make strides towards success. The game had attracted over 227 thousand unique active wallets despite a 14% price drop in Mbox tokens –it still ranked seventh. 

8. Bomb Crypto

As a rising star on the BSC, Bomb Crypto continuous to grow with an increasing user base, it also is becoming a staple game in recent days thanks to bringing back some nostalgia with the Bomberman-style game play – it has attracted more than 56000 unique active wallets in the past week. 

9. DeFi Kingdoms

It’s hard to believe that the DeFi infused game has captured the attention of the crypto community so quickly. Not only is it performing well in 2022, but now this amazing new project is putting both Harmony and Avalanche chains at forefront for blockchain gaming activity!

10. Pegaxy

The Pegaxy team has been on a roll this past month, with their activity increasing by 420% and they’ve gained over 16,000 UAW in March!


Blockchain gaming remains persistent

The blockchain gaming industry continues to face a challenging landscape from micro- and macroeconomic perspectives, but even with these obstacles the sector is continuously stabilizing. Security incidents such as the half billion Ronin hack remind us that interoperability comes with tradeoffs – most importantly when it comes down to safety measures and what needs to be done to make sure it is secured. 

Still, it’s not an exaggeration to say that blockchain gaming is on the rise, with 2000% more activity than last year even amidst the Ukraine tension and a negative performance of the cryptocurrency market.


Game Dapps owns about 52% of blockchain game activity

Consider this – a total of 1.17 million Unique Active Wallets (UAW) connected daily to blockchain games on average during Q1, decreasing 2% from last year’s corresponding period in terms of measurement criteria. However the March numbers show signs that there has been at least some recovery with an increase over daily average surpassing 1.22 million daily UAW, showing signs of recovery already, some would say this is due to new initiatives being implemented by developers like Liverpool Football Club who are looking for ways improve engagement opportunities within their community through innovative technology solutions such as cryptocurrency donations hosted solely via blockchains.


Projects in the games and metaverse space have raised over $2.5 billion so far this Q1 of 2022!

How does a game get so much funding? One thought comes to mind,  Blockchain games are taking over! In just three months, the first quarter of 2022, there has been at least $2.5 billion invested into these projects and their underlying infrastructure from VCs or other investors – which means we’ll see an additional 10 billions dollars rushing in during this year alone to build out the future of play-to-earn technologies, the blockchain technology and the metaverse.

We hope this concise report has enabled you to put some perspective on the next games you wanna explore and more information you can use in understanding the progression of the blockchain technology.