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NFT Worlds is an upcoming metaverse game built directly on Minecraft

Will it fare better than the last effort to build in the Minecraft arena?

NFT and Minecraft cross paths again as a development team not affiliated with Microsoft or Mojang has been building with a metaverse component linked directly into the game. The project is called NFT Worlds and it aims to bring web3 related features into the Minecraft experience and even its own NFT token.

Announced back in late 2021 and is currently undergoing its beta phase, NFT Worlds will allow users to acquire pre-generated Minecraft NFT real estates which they can shape or develop into their own metaverse experiences. Currently, there are 10,000 worlds available for acquisition via OpenSea which can then be playable or accessed using Minecraft’s online play feature. Each creator can then open their developed Minecraft worlds for other players to explore, experience and even earn WRLD tokens that can be used for various in-game utility like buying, selling or trading.

As it currently runs in Minecraft, players and creators must also first own or purchase a copy of the game from the Microsoft storefront in order to play.

This experience and feature is roughly similar to pre-existing metaverse games like Sandbox, although NFT Worlds developers are saying that a single land area is more massive than the whole of Sandbox itself.

Minecraft is generally known for its large generated worlds with the largest playable one in record said to have a size of roughly 2,000 square miles, and yes that’s actual real world measurements. This size alone could accommodate not just hundreds but maybe even thousands of various metaverse experiences in a single NFT World land with the creators’ imagination and time being the only limits to what they can accomplish.

But what is Microsoft saying in all of this? Well, so far they have not released nor comment regarding the existence of NFT Worlds and how it runs on Minecraft however project co-founders ArkDev and Temptranquil have stated that they are in close contact with Microsoft’s IP enforcement team to help make sure that the project runs smoothly without much intervention from Microsoft.

NFT Worlds is currently undergoing its beta phase with 9 different experiences available for Minecraft players to check out.

Just last month, Blockverse, another NFT project that presented a very similar premise also based in Minecraft, turned out to be a really peculiar rug pull with its creators deleting the Discord and Minecraft servers as well as their Twitter account within 24 hours of its sale; they’d resurface days later. practically holding the project hostage.