3D racing comes to Pegaxy Play to Earn game

Pegaxy’s highly-anticipated 3D racing mode is imminent

Pegas get massive upgrade in graphics, and gameplay moves toward full simulation mode.

After months of anticipation, and weeks of closed beta testing, Pegaxy will finally launch 3D Racing this week.

The feature has been long sought-after by its community… and it literally brings the NFT horse racing simulation to another dimension. 

Since its creation, Pegaxy’s gameplay has been presented on a very rudimentary 2D menu where tiny horses named Pegas inch ever so slowly from one side to the other. With 3D Racing, the menu has now been replaced with an entirely new screen with a whole 3D rendered area and horse models that accurately represent its players’ prized Pegas. 

The Open Beta of the 3D Racing feature will be made available for all Pegaxy players starting on February 10, 2022 4PM (UTC+8).

Along with the fully 3D world comes a variety of interesting features to complement the new presentation style. There are several dynamic camera angles; instant replay; and slow motion effects that help accentuate the action, especially useful when it comes to tight, closely-run races.

Pegaxy recommends having the following specs on your rig to be able to run 3D Racing properly:

  • Memory: 8GB
  • OS: Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Win 11, macOS, Linux
  • Stable Network/Internet Connection
  • Browser: works best on Google Chrome

Pegaxy has been doing well to abide by its development road map. 3D racing has just been its latest podium finish in a slew of features that have been delivered since it’s launch.

It has rolled out its renting and breeding platforms to a great response from the community, and it has also made big moves in protecting its quality-of-life from bots and multi accounts recently

United Gamers Analysis and Perspective

Judging from early previews of the 3D Racing feature, the new presentation style does a whole lot for improving immersion, especially considering how barebones it was initially. The new camera angles, instant replays, and slow motion effects definitely present the action better and do well to hype up intense moments.

However, not to look a gift horse in the mouth, the feature is not necessarily perfect. The sound design seems lacking and the model animation is a little janky. There’s also the matter of the feature slowing down loading times between races.

Still, it’s good that it’s there. Focusing on improving the presentation style also seems like a wise move for Pegaxy, which helps make up for what Pegaxy is currently llacking on the gameplay side of things. 

That specific aspect is looking to change though as later in Q1 Pegaxy promises to deliver “player-controlled racing” which aims to change its core gameplay from horse racing simulation into something resembling more of an actual interactive game, rounding the corner from what is currently a game of chance into a fully-fledged game of actual skill.

Here’s to seeing what that looks like. 


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