Pegaxy launches 3D racing on desktop

Pegaxy launches 3D racing: Go Pegas, it’s your birthday!

Saddle up, NFT gamers!

It’s a birthday celebration where all players are invited. Pegaxy’s newest update finally takes 3D racing out of beta and is now available for desktop-based Pegaxy players. This announcement is tagged as part of celebrating the birthday of Pegaxy co-founder Corey Wilton.

The 3D racing update brings more to the gameplay experience of Pegaxy as it actually shows the Pegas not just in a simulated but also fully animated race. This is a huge jump from the previous gameplay experience where it’s more similar to a ‘paper RPG’.

Pegaxy’s 3D racing update also comes with a spec sheet for required software and hardware in order for it to properly run. While there are no specifics regarding the type of CPU or required compute power, Pegaxy does state that at least 8 GB of RAM or memory is required and users must use any of the listed operating systems; Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, as well as macOS, and Linux (although nothing specific as to which macOS version or Linux distros).

The 3D racing update is one of the key goals in Pegaxy’s roadmap for Q1 2022 together with RAMP Integration, which allows a more direct use of credit cards for purchasing Pegas, as well as the Swap widget.

Pegaxy has been picking up steam and rising in popularity since its release back in December of 2021.

Alongside the slump in the price of Axie Infinity’s Smooth Love Potion, many NFT game players have made the jump to Pegaxy — which translated into the rise in the value of its token, Vigorous (VIS).

VIS reached an all-time high of USD $0.256527 or roughly PHP 13.06 on Feb 3 2022, while the governance token, Pegaxy Stone (PGX) reached an all time high of USD $1.05 or PHP 53.69 on Feb 1 2022.

These achievements were hit within the first month of Pegaxy’s release, although the values for both coins are seeing a downward trend ever since the start of February 2022.