Pegaxy app arrives in iOS

Beta test is finally live!

Finally, after months of waiting, Pegaxy’s iOS version is finally entering its beta phase. The beta version will have limited capabilities at first as the team hopes to get user feedback to improve the user experience.

Pegaxy’s iOS app follows the android app that came out last May. Access for the iOS version is through the Apple app store’s Test Flight platform. Beta access will also only accommodate  10,000 users. Similar to the android beta, the iOS beta might only include the race functionality. Other in-game functions for Pegaxy such as marketplace access still need to be done on the web version. In contrast the Android access though, the iOS version does not have high-tier Pegaxy requirements.

Beta test application is also relatively easier as users only need to install Test Flight on their device and apply for the beta. Test Flight is currently available to devices running on iOS 13 or higher. The beta test would also possibly run for up to 90 days as indicated by Test Flight guidelines. Similar to during the android test, the Pegaxy team is expecting to collect user feedback for the iOS app.  A full release is currently still not available although with the beta test already running we can expect that it will happen very soon.

Fan reception is largely positive with Pegaxy’s iOS app release. After months of waiting since the android version came out, the iOS will hope to welcome iPhone gaming enthusiasts into the game’s ecosystem. Given the nature of Test Flight, future builds might welcome more testers.

Welcoming new players is always great for any game especially for blockchain titles. An increase in player count and activity can also mean an increase in VIS and PGX related transactions helping bolster the value of both tokens. However, we still have to wait if this really will be case for Pegaxy in the near future.