Pegaxy locks Vigorus VIS to prevent rent bots

Pegaxy bans result in 2,656,765 VIS locked up for 100 years

Unless you're planning to live to 120 years old, you might as well kiss goodbye to your ill-gotten bot tokens.

Pegaxy is a futuristic horse-racing NFT game. Shorthand for Pegasus Galaxy, choose mechanized cyber horses (Pegas) as they participate in PvP races to win rewards in the platform’s native utility token, Vigorus (VIS).

A big part of the game is Pega Rental which allows players to rent out their Pegas to other players in different rental schemes such as:

  • Fixed Rental where players can rent Pegas for a limited time and a fixed price keeping all rewards earned;
  • Shared Profit, where players rent Pegas indefinitely for free but share the profit with the owner;
  • Direct Rental, where scholars rent can directly receive Pegas from their managers for a simple gas fee and a predetermined profit split.

Due to its recent surge of popularity, Pegaxy has been plagued by bots and multi-account problems. Rent Bots screw over the populace by renting out Pegas before actual players get a chance too. This causes annoying and unfair losses for the players since they still have to pay the gas fees when they engage the rental transaction, but gain nothing if a bot scoops the rented Pegaxy out from under their noses.

Multi-accounts are also prevalent, allowing users to circumvent the 3 rented horse limit per account.

To address this, Pegaxy has been getting aggressive in policing these underhanded practices. In January alone, the game has had 3 separate Ban Waves locking up multiple bot accounts resulting in a total of 2,656,765.97 VIS being locked up for 100 years.

On January 5, Pegaxy banned 2,019 unique bot wallets and 1,166,176 VIS that were accumulated by bots. They showed leniency to the community by not banning 3,680 PEGA that were rented by bots in the public marketplace.

On January 15, a smaller ban wave resulted in 162,000 locked VIS that were accumulated by bots as well as 325 unique multi-account and bot wallets

Most recently, on January 29 during its biggest banning spree to date, Pegaxy bans locked up 1,328,589 VIS accumulated by bots. 

Analysis and Perspective

It’s evident that Pegaxy is taking the health of its game very seriously by cracking down on malicious activities and bad actors.

While some may also speculate that this serves a double purpose as a clever burning mechanism, this show of support to the community and the quality of life in the game is always a welcome gesture… regardless of its other possible motivations.


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