Pegaxy racing cooldowns

Pegaxy’s new update changes breeding and racing cooldowns

Variable timers and energy updates are two of the community-approved proposals.

New changes and guidelines are coming to Pegaxy early this March of 2022 as the community finally takes a vote on the list of update proposals by the Pegaxy team. These changes will involve cooldowns as to when players can use their Pegas in-game specifically when it comes to racing and breeding.

Revealed on the end of February, Pegaxy players will now have to wait for up to 96 hours before racing or breeding their new Pegas with variable timers available depending the Pega type. This change will affect not just newborn Pegas but also the Parent pegas used in the breeding process as well.

Parent Pegas of all types will have to wait for 96 hours before they can be used in races again, while newborn baby Pegas will also have to wait for the same amount of time before they can be used for breeding. Timers for breeding with parent Pegas and racing for baby Pegas will also vary depending on type. The shortest waiting time for breeding being Hoz type parent Pegas and the shortest wait for racing being Zan baby Pegas, both getting a 24 hour cooldown timer.

Pegaxy cooldown

These changes were approved after an internal and community review with additional changes being flipping of cooldowns for all Pega breeds and as well as newborn Pegas getting 0 energy upon birth. The latter change is said to help level the playing field as providing energy right away to newborns favor big guilds more than the rest of the playerbase.

Aside from these new updates, the Pegaxy team has also revealed that they are working on a new strategy-game based on Pegaxy and is currently sourcing the community for suggestions. This new game is planned to be built both with casual play and replayability in mind with elements such as genetics, use of specific Pegas and even stadiums being cited as initial factors. This new announcement could be part of Pegaxy’s next development cycle which is currently focused on the development of Themis, Pegaxy’s governance platform.

Pegaxy’s new updates on breeding and racing cooldowns are set for implementation in-game this March 3, 2022.