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Pegaxy co-founder Corey Wilton teases trip to Philippines

The play-to-earn community is one of the largest in the world.

Earlier today, Pegaxy’s official Twitter account teased the arrival of the play-to-earn horse racing sim’s co-founder and CMO, Corey Wilton, to the Philippines.

The Pegaxy twitter released an image of a figure in silhouette against a backdrop of the Manila City Hall Clock Tower overlaid with the Philippine flag. The figure is likely Wilton, easily identifiable by the signature baseball cap that he’s fond of wearing when addressing the community through his twitter videos.

As a co-founder and CMO,Corey Wilton  is responsible for spearheading the growth and development of the Pegaxy user base and international community. He is actively involved in managing the marketing team, customer support team and brand design team.

Based in Australia, Corey has had a career spanning over 7 years inside the digital marketing and customer service landscape. Providing services to over 20 cryptocurrency projects since 2018, he has a well documented history in blockchain and brings a broad range of gaming and digital marketing experience to the team.

Through the course of Pegaxy’s inception and development, Wilton has become known as the developer’s most front-facing representative addressing concerns within the community and providing key updates regarding Pegaxy’s development.

United Gamers Analysis and Perspective

While there are very little details as to the reason for Wilton’s trip to the Philippines, there’s a high chance that it will be for building in-roads towards the local community.

The Philippines has been one of the top early-adopters of Pegaxy as well as other play-to-earn games all over the world, and tapping into those roots on the ground and building connections in the country would be a savvy move for Pegaxy.

Another interesting tidbit is that more than half of Pegaxy’s team is Filipino with 44 out of its 68 members coming from the country. Hopefully, they’d take him cruising on a kalesa (a classic horsedrawn carriage) out on Baywalk sipping pina coladas, his trip wouldn’t be complete without it!


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