Pegaxy Mobile beta

Pegaxy Epic and Rare owners can now access Mobile App Beta

The app is set to launch for everyone this month

It’s good news for Epic and Rare Pegaxy owners as the digital horse-racing game finally expands its mobile platform beta test to include them. The service was only exclusively available to Pegaxy’s most valuable users last month. Although it comes with limited functionality, players can now test the mobile experience and contribute to the development by sending in their feedback.

Announced earlier today, the Pegaxy mobile app will now also be available to Epic and Rare Pega owners and will be available for download via the official Pegaxy website. Players are also required to verify their asset rarity through a Metamask QR scan before being able to actually play. The addition of Epic and Rare Pega owners to the beta test follows its initial inclusion of only Legendary and Founding Pega owners in the first wave back in April. In contrast to that period though, applications for beta testing for Epic and Rare owners are as easy as having their assets verified via QR in contrast to a snapshot application process that Founding and Legendary Pega owners have to go through. 

The mobile beta test version of Pegaxy will only include the race functionality, meaning that other functions such as marketplace access will still not be available, at least during this testing period. It will also only be available to Android users and Apple users will still have to wait for any update if the app is getting an iOS version.

As it is a beta test, Pegaxy developers will be expecting its mobile users to submit feedback and suggestions in order to help support its development. Beta testers can send in their comments as well as any found bugs or areas to work on via an online form made available by the development team.

The Pegaxy mobile app is set to release within this month as per the developer timeline. It was initially announced to be released to the public in April but various setbacks have pushed the date back. Although as always, the May release date could still see change depending on the actual amount of development time required to sort out bugs, issues and functionalities before deployment.