Pegaxy racing updates

Pegaxy gets racing updates

Up to 15 Pegas can now race against each other.

This morning, the official Twitter account of play-to-earn horse racing sim Pegaxy made an important update regarding major changes. Some exciting updates include more horses on racetracks, A new marketplace design, RAMP and Coinbase wallet integration and increasing the horse count in races.

A key update includes the new marketplace dashboard in development with an innovative design that now includes stages to address the problem of racing cooldown for parent Pegas, as well as to address the filtering confusion on baby Pegas. With this clever filter players can easily switch between different stages and have more accuracy in their transactions. This new marketplace design took inspiration from two of its team members – Joao Rocha and Igor Cesar who is known to have built the legendary Elite Breeders Club marketplace with the slogan, Less clicks, higher accuracy.

Additionally, RampNetwork and CoinbaseWallet are now available as options on Pegaxy’s web app, where users can now access it and turn their cryptos into fiat.

Another huge update for this week was Pegaxy’s controversial decision to tweak the game so that 15 horses instead of 12 will be present in each match, which should result in less chances for winning and also lesser distribution fees while maintaining the same prize pool. Considering how much $VIS prices are dropping every single day this may be a measure against inflationary pressure on economy-wide balance. The community has so far met the decision with mixed reactions.

Pegaxy scheduled a maintenance at 3PM GMT+8 earlier today in order for the update to be implemented in the 2D. It promptly finished at around 5PM GMT+8. Given the greater difficulty of implementing the feature in the 3D Racing, the mode will be switched off for seven days to facilitate the update and is set to return once completed.