Pegaxy is changing their pega rental system

Owners will now be able to change profit percentage even WHILE a Pega is being rented

It may just be a few lines of info but Pegaxy’s new update looks to be major as it fundamentally changes the way on how the rental system works as well as attempting to counter a few issues. In addition to its improved anti-bot system, the new update will allow Pegaxy owners to be able to change the profit percentage even while a Pega is being rented.

In a short statement over at their Twitter account, the Pegaxy team is deploying Rental system related updates starting with a new tool for guild managers. This tool will allow guild managers and Pega owners to actively change the share profit rate for rented Pegas even during the rental period meaning that they don’t need to wait for the said period to be over in order to update certain terms.

Another rental system related update is the implementation of a new security layer to prevent bot activity. Prior to this new update, bots can copy rent claims to take over listings, brute forcing their way into the platform and taking over actual renters. This added layer of security will aim to prevent that and make sure that actual human players get a fair chance of enjoying the rental system while they save up for their own Pegas.

Pegaxy’s rental system is a more ‘formal’ version of the common “Manager-Scholar system” present in many play-to-earn games such as Axie Infinity. Instead of leaving rate discussions to verbal agreements the rental system provides more control by allowing managers and guild owners to set them within the game’s system prior to putting up the Pegas for rental. Additionally, the Rental system has its own platform that renters can browse with the terms and profit share already being declared by managers who put their Pegas up for rent.

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Analysis and Perspective

Pegaxy’s new change to their rental system can be useful as managers can adjust the rates depending on situations such as the current price of Vigorous (VIS), or by renter or scholar performance where they can either provide more rewards, or equal benefits, hitting earning targets without hurting their ROI.

From the editor: However, the new system can also possibly be prone to abuse as deals where one party can change the terms of an agreement usually are. The exact details of the system or if there are safeguards against this form of exploitation haven’t been detailed at the time of this writing so we’ll have to wait and see how this runs its course.