Pegaxy Mobile beta

Pegaxy Mobile App Finally Available for Pacer Pega Owners Today

Pacer owners can finally join the mobile race

Pacer Pegaxy owners finally join in as the digital horse-racing game enables its mobile platform beta test to include them.

The Pegaxy mobile beta test service was only exclusively available to Pegaxy’s most valuable users a couple of months back and recently also allowed its Rare & Epic users.  As previously stated, the Pegaxy team mentioned that early adopters will experience limited functionality and may come with a lot of frustrations. As such, the team highly encourages the players to test the mobile experience thoroughly and contribute to the development by sending in their feedback as raw as it gets. 

Earlier today, as the Pegaxy team announced the update, they also did go through the requirements and the steps needed to actually experience the game on Mobile and if you fit the profile then be on the lookout for the steps on how to get in below.
How to Download The Pegaxy Beta App for Android:

  1. Head to
  2. Click the menu button and select “ Download”. 
  3. Once complete, follow the prompts to allow your device to download the app.  
  4. You may encounter an “unverified” warning. Please read through it and confirm you are OK to continue. (This is because the app is not on the Google Play store
  5. Once the download is complete, open the app.
  6. Head to Pegaxy website and select the wallet button. 
  7. Inside this option, you will see a button in the list that says “Show QR Code”, Select this button. 
  8. A metamask pop-up will show and you will then be shown a QR code. 
  9. Return to the mobile app, select “Scan QR Code” and hold your phone up to scan the QR code on your screen. 
  10. You will then automatically be prompted and logged into your account on the app. 
  11. Once complete, you are ready to test the Beta version of the app.

    ***Please note the QR code you are scanning must never be shared with anyone. The QR code can allow someone to access your assets. Please ensure you always keep it secure and have it only accessible to you at all times.  

The mobile app also is only available to Android users for now,  Apple users will continue to still be on the lookout for a dedicated version release for iOS.

The Pegaxy developers will be expecting its early mobile users to submit feedback and suggestions. Beta testers can send in any bugs or areas to work on via an online form made available by the development team.