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Pegaxy Mobile App to Launch This April

It comes to Android first then IOS!

The next big thing is coming for play-to-earn horse racing simulation Pegaxy. The team has been hard at work on a mobile app that will revolutionize the way the gameplay has been operating as they bring the game to operate on mobile. In a tweet yesterday, PegaxyOfficial announced it’s finally ready for primetime and will be launching this month.

Pegaxy has previously teased the mobile version of the game early last March. From the preview video, the port seems to encapsulate the complete Pegaxy gameplay loop and all its features from its browser game big brother but in a smaller and more compact form.

The developers of Pegaxy Mobile have announced that they will be releasing their app in April. However, no specific date or time frame was given but players can expect it within the month first on Android devices and then onto IOS soon after.

Along with the announced timeframe, it was also shared that Founding Pega owners and Guild Founders will be the first in line to experience racing in their mobile apps.

Pegaxians have been eagerly expecting the mobile app release, and soon we will all get to see the new mobile experience the Pegaxy team has been hard at work to develop.

In addition to the app, the Pegaxy team announced it is working on more gameplay updates, system updates, and an ongoing breeding event. The breeding event is currently taking place from April 3rd to April 10th.

During this period the breeding cooldown will be removed for all adult Pegas and newborns can be bred after just 48 hours instead of 96 hours. This should encourage players to breed more Pegas, thus, burning more $VIS tokens.

With Pegaxy gameplays recording more than 16.8K players per day, based on DappRadar data. Pegaxy continues to attract a stable number of players with no technical issues.