Pegaxy mobile version coming

Pegaxy teases mobile version of Play to Earn favorite

The Pegas are coming to mobile! Android first though - sorry iPhone fans.

Pegaxy has just teased the game’s mobile version which ports the play-to-earn, horse racing sIm to mobile devices.

Pegaxy took to social media Wednesday evening to announce that the mobile port is in the works, but have not set a final release date as to when fans and players can expect the new app.


Judging from the teasers, PegaXy Mobile looks like it will be able to capture the whole Pegaxy experience, from its browser-based elder brother.

There appear to be multiple tabs in main menu that allow mobile players to access the different features of the game such as the Marketplace, where you buy and sell Pegas; Renting, where players came rent out their Pegas or rent other players’ Pegas; Breeding, where players propagate Pega bloodlines and create new Pegas; and Garage, which houses you owned and rented Pegas.

It also appears like the app will also be supporting several languages, at launch including those featured in the trailer namely: English, Filipino, Vietnamese, Chinese and Portuguese.

Of course, there’s also the core experience of Pegaxy where players watch their Pegas run races against other players and Pegas. The racing in the app will feature the newly-launched 3D racing presentation style which arrived to the browser version just last month.

At the time of writing, details are still pretty sparse regarding the Pegaxy Mobile App and no release date has been set. However, Pegaxy answered a few questions from members of their community on Twitter.

  • From the exchanges we learned that the Pegaxy App will only be available for Android initially but the IOS version will be available soon.
  • Pegaxy also responded to a fan that 2D Racing is a possibility on the mobile app but players must go through a web browser to do so.
  • Finally, the Pegaxy will be open to supporting other languages as well in addition to the ones stated above.

    We’ll share more nEws and details of the Pegaxy Mobile app they become available.


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