Pegaxy Mobile beta

Pegaxy’s mobile beta will only be available to its high value players

Ready those pegas for April 20

Play-to-earn horse racing sim Pegaxy is on the verge of releasing their much awaited mobile version. Over the weekend more details on how players are going to be let in have been released. Just like any other application, the mobile version is going to enter a beta testing phase first before full release. However, with Pegaxy’s beta it will only let in a limited number of players—its highest value ones.

In a quick announcement posted on their social media, the Pegaxy mobile app beta test will only include Legendary and Founding Pega owners, NFT digital race horses of the highest rarities. This leaves out a huge majority of its playerbase holding a majority of the lower rarity Epic, Rare; and Pacer classes. This announcement also reinforces a recent trend in the decisions of the company overlooking the smaller investors in their game. 

The selection for mobile app beta will be done through a snapshot process. Snapshots are basically recorded info of crypto-wallet owners showing the current value or amount of a specific crypto token or NFT on their wallet during the time of the snapshot. To participate and be qualified, Legendary and Founding Pega owners must first put their Pegas in resting mode on April 20, 2022 at 7 AM UTC (3 PM PHT/GMT+8) for them to be included in the snapshot process. Note that only rested Pegas will count so Pegas that are being rented out, actively racing or are in the marketplace will not be included even if they are of Legendary or Founding rarity.

After the snapshot process qualified owners or players will then be sent further instructions as to where to download and how to install the app. Pegaxy also warns against possible fraudulent or fake apps that may go live on various app stores.

As it is still in beta, the app will only come with the race functionality meaning that users will not be able to access the marketplace, or move assets around using the Pegaxy mobile app. The beta test phase will also help the Pegaxy team get feedback from the user experience so participating it also brings the responsibility of providing comments and suggested changes by the users.

The Pegaxy mobile app is expected to enter a full release later this month although depending on the actual length of testing required, it is expected that the release timeline would get pushed back. Pegaxy also adds that the beta test will only be available for Android owners, following their initial announcement made earlier this month.