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Pegaxy’s new burning mechanic “Merging” arrives this April

There can only be one

Play-to-earn digital horse racing simulation game, Pegaxy is really pushing for the fated date of the arrival of new utility and burning mechanisms that many users have been waiting for ever since the launch of the game. Arriving this week, this new mechanic will aim to help boost and stabilize the value of the game’s Vigorous (VIS) token which is yet to break the USD 0.3 ceiling.

new burning mechanisms will include a new feature called Pega Merging, and as well as a Pega Level Up system which we assume would utilize not just the Vigorous token but the Pegaxy Stone (PGX) token as well. The exact details as to how both of these features work are still sparseat the time of this writing  but it’s easy to predict that both of these are aimed at improving the traits and abilities of your current NFT horses.

The Pega Merging on the other hand could help increase the rarity of or tier of a Pega by merging it with another Pega of the same tier. This was as revealed last week during the Pegaxy breeding and burning event where Pegaxy Co-founder Corey Wilton detailed the process.


dragonball fusion
Our only hope is that they do the Dragonball Z fusion dance when it happens. | Credit: Dragonball Z

Aside from Pega Merging and the level up system, additional burning mechanics might also arrive on Pegaxy this week. While both merging and level up were named and mentioned, a probable still yet to be detailed and named burn feature is also included in the follow-up announcement following the
previous one back in March

While the March announcement saw a good bump in the value of VIS, this new one is yet to make a big impact as the value increase is currently peaking at only 9.4% as of this article’s writing. The slow climb could be attributed to the current downward trend of cryptocurrency as a whole with major ones such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) having their values plummet following new policies from the US Federal reserve and as well as China’s new wave of lockdowns.