Pegaxy cooldowns KyberSwap

Pegaxy’s new cooldowns go live

Pegaxy has completed its proposed updates for the game that went live last March 4, 2022. The updates come at the heels of a community vote on the list of proposals made by the Pegaxy team.

As previously reported by United Gamers, the following updates were due to be implemented.

  • The racing cooldowns have been flipped for all bloodlines which have given more cooldown days for Hoz while less for Zan.
  • Pega can no longer be raced right away after they reach adulthood after breeding. You will have to wait until the racing cooldown is done before you can race.
  • Newborn Pega also cannot be raced right away as they will now be born with 0 energy to begin with. You will need the Newborns to replenish their energy first before you can actually race them.

Pegas that are after #300,145 will now have flipped cooldowns for racing as well. Adult cooldowns have also been applied to all past and future Pega. This means parents of Pegas that are bred moving forward will have a 4-day racing cooldown alongside the flipped baby cooldown.

These changes were designed to balance the game especially when it comes to racing and breeding Pegas. Players should expect to feel its effects in-game soon.

Along with the in-game updates, there was also a key change with the KyberSwap Integration implemented. Players can now swap tokens in-app so that players don’t have to leave the domain. In previous versions, tokens could only be swapped outside the app.

Per the Pegaxy team, this is one step closer to removing the need for “DEFIi” knowledge making it easier for players to get into the game by making the learning curve much easier for prospective players.

The marketplace will also be updated as soon as possible with the new filters and changes to the system.