Pegaxy’s Newest Updates Trample On Its Small Investors

Look out below!

This week, the Pegaxy Team has now enabled Pega Fusion, which basically means as the term implies, you can now combine Pegas to gain rare/higher level Pegas. This new game feature will decrease the number of available Pegas, effectively burning them but also shift the game balance to rarer type collections. However, a worrying string of Pegaxy decisions have left some smaller investors in the dust.

With the latest update, allowing fusion to happen only between the same breed and a high burning rate for VIS and PGX results in a higher demand and lesser supply that maybe was intended to stabilize the VIS price as we see it losing in the past weeks. 

The new update announced last week does carry some serious burning mechanisms that allows for VIS, PGX and even the Pegas a chance to garner higher price values and rarity as compared to the previous breeding event that did not result in this. However, the update has vastly decreased the prizepool that Pacer Pegas, the lowest and most accesible breed type, can earn in by around 200% from 175 VIS prize pool to 42 VIS. This was eventually walked back to 70 VIS following the negative reception.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your Pega, combining two of the same type while burning VIS tokens appears to be the way to go most especially with the update on the price pool you will receive. The current price pool is heavily skewed towards a rarer type/breed of pega as compared to before, with Pacers losing about 70% of their usual winnings and Legendary/Founding earning about 300% more.

Other things to note would be the Breed Counts & the Stats you will get after the Fuse. Players would do well to be mindful of the infographic given and select which option would be the best for you. It might be best to take into consideration that the Stat and Gender will be randomized regardless of the current stats & gender of the Pegas before fuse. While the Cooldowns will completely be removed as the resulting Pegas will no longer have this – resulting fused Pages will always have zero (0) Cooldown for both Breeding and Racing regardless of the original Pega cooldowns. 

Corey Wilton, founder of Pegaxy, mentioned a list of challenges leading to the goal of building a sustainable game, one of the reasons why the changes did occur. The Pegaxy team stated that in this recent update has aimed to guide Pega growth in the right direction, while building a mechanism to use up excess VIS.

Analysis and Perspective


On the surface the update seems to be a good plan for stabilizing the ecosystem in the long-run, yes. However, as we take a look at the current bulk of players coming from scholars, with most Pegas coming from the Pacers class this update is not the best for them. The update Pegaxy team might have just burned smaller investors to a point of no-return.

Let’s take a minute of silence for all those Pegaxy scholars, managers and small investors whose main bulk of Pegas are Pacers. I can imagine most of them struggling to see ROI in the next 6 months with the recent prize pool update amounting to a total of only 45 VIS for all three winnings ( Gold, Silver & Bronze).

It will be a couple of months before we see how this will pan out, for now, Pegaxy known for being the most receptive P2E game there is, faces its most massive update with the worst community reaction ever.

Will this new update follow-through for the sake of building a stable ecosystem in the long run? Or will they listen to their community and find a better alternative to stabilizing VIS demand & supply

Editor’s note: While the negative feedback regarding the Fusion Update was ultimately addressed, pumping the 42 VIS prizepool for Pacers to 70 VIS, it’s still very steep drop. There’s also the issue of this prize pool drop coming at the tail end of Pegaxy’s Breeding Event that incentivized making new Pegas—of which the easiest class to do so is the Pacer. This resulted in a massive influx of Pacers and Pacer Owners that would days later be subjected to reduced rewards. Whether this was engineered, or just poorly timed has yet to be seen but it’s definitely left a foul taste on Pegaxy’s playerbase.

All this comes on top of yesterday’s announcement that only high value Pega owners will be able to access the mobile version of Pegaxy first which just reinforces a worrying trend that the game is starting to prefer its bigger investors over their smaller ones.

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