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Pegaxy’s VIS pumps 45% after new race and burn mechanics announcement

It’s a race to the moon! 

It’s a race to the moon as the value of Pegaxy’s Vigorous token (VIS) sees new life following the announcement of new game mechanics from Pegaxy’s developers. The coin saw a nearly 50% rise in value, just moments after new upcoming features were revealed on Pegaxy’s social media channels.

The new features that Pegaxy announced include the roll out of
stats-based racing and genetic breeding feature which will allow users to join races based on their Pega’s stats. Currently, a Pega’s stats include Speed, Strength, Lightning, Wind, Water and Fire, each with their own unique effect for Pegas.

We assume that what a stats-based racing system will mean is that in order to win a race, it won’t just be about the speed of a certain Pega but might also include its endurance through its strength stat. Elemental affinities might also play a huge part in Pega races and perhaps we’ll see something like “Earth only races” or “Water only races” once the update deploys. As for the genetic breeding feature, it just basically means that breeders will be able to put focus on specific stats for breeding rather than just waiting for RNG to do its work. Both the racing and the breeding features of Pegaxy have received several updates and tweaks as of late, with more horses in a race and new cooldowns for breeding.

Another exciting update that’s coming this April 2022 for Pegaxy is the introduction of the burning mechanism. While details are still yet to be revealed, this is easily a highly anticipated update and one that many players have been looking forward to.

As of the moment, Pegaxy’s utility token, Vigorous or VIS is used only for breeding with no other burning or spending mechanism in place just yet. The oversupply in VIS led to a huge drop in the coin’s value from an all time high of USD 0.256527 (PHP 13.06) back in February 2022 to its lowest price of  USD 0.0038 (PHP 0.203456) just early this March of 2022. Burning mechanisms in play-to-earn games help stabilize the economy by balancing the value of a utility coin which is commonly in very high supply due to the number of farming players.

In light of the new announcements, VIS has spiked up in value from USD 0.00458 (PHP 0.0238) to USD 0.00872 (PHP 0.453).

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Screencap from CoinGecko

Pegaxy’s announcements also state when the features will roll out. Stats-based racing and genetic breeding feature will deploy this coming March 30, 2022 while the new burning mechanics will arrive in the game on April 14, 2022. A breeding event is also scheduled to take place on April 3 to 10, 2022.