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Players can now make custom lobbies Thetan Arena’s Custom Battles V2

Is this Thetan Arena's majoy move to esports?

Tournament organizers and even ordinary players will finally be getting more access to features that promote competitiveness in Thetan Arena with the new Custom Battle v2. 

Detailed on their blog site, Thetan Arena’s Custom Battles v2 feature will not only allow players to create custom lobbies for invite only team games but also allow spectators to join. Spectators in games are able to view the whole battlefield and have access to vital stats and information on the competing teams. Having spectator or observer integration is often one of the key steps to esports integration as it makes the game’s action more easier to digest for the viewing audience.

The new feature is part of a major update listed in Thetan Arena’s activities and milestones for quarter 2 of 2022. Custom Battle v2 lobbies also have no restrictions when it comes to which heroes can be used, meaning both free and NFT hero users can be allowed to participate in matches. All heroes would also be at max level, helping to level the playing field and making matches really boil down to individual skill and teamwork.

In terms of game modes, Custom Battle v2 will include Tower Destroy, Deathmatch and Superstar, and will have a max of 4 players per team, with an extra 3 slots for game observers. As it is a custom game lobby, the Custom Battles v2 feature will not offer any in-game rewards for any participants or winners as the goal is to provide a private or specialized space for players to not only test out their skills but possibly test out hero abilities and possible matchups as well.

Thetan Arena has also posted some guidelines in using the feature. They are as follows:


General rules

  • A player can access Custom Battle after the 10th battle
  • Both NFT heroes and non-NFT heroes can join a custom battle, which means all players can create a private space to play with others.
  • The available game modes in Custom Battle are Tower Destroy, Deathmatch, and Superstar/
  • To make a battle more balanced, both the level and trophy class of all heroes will be at the maximum.
  • A battle can be started despite 2 teams not having an equal amount of players
  • As the main purpose of Custom Battle is for players to have their private spaces, there is no reward after the battle.
  • Skills that are blocked Ranking are not allowed in Custom Battle

Rules for Host, participants, and spectators

  • The player who creates a private battle will become the host, who has the authority to take the following actions:
    • Set a password for the room
    • Assign the roles for other players (players & live spectators) and transfer the role of the host to another player.
      • A maximum of 3 live spectators are allowed in each room
    • Invite other players into the battle as well as to kick them out. Those who are kicked out of a custom battle will not be able to rejoin in 3 minutes.
    • Choose the game mode and map for the battle
    • Add bots to the battle

Despite the lack of a rewards system though, Custom Battle v2 opens a lot of opportunities for Thetan Arena’s grassroots Esports and even content creators.  Organizers and even community heads can now host tournaments of their own with the possibility of gaining support from Thetan Arena itself. As for content creators, a custom lobby could help boost content creation capabilities as it allows access to max level heroes, making hero features possibly more in-depth. Streamers can now also invite their viewers to play with or against them in custom lobbies, further boosting community interaction. 


Custom Battles v2 is part of Thetan Arena’s mega update that deployed this week