Puma sportswear NFT ENS domain

Puma springs into the world of NFTs

The German athleticwear company has a new Twitter handle to go with its stylish new ENS domain.

German sportswear giant Puma has revealed they have made their move into NFTs by registering their own Ethereum Name Service web3 username, Puma.eth. This will also serve as Puma’s decentralized URL and to reflect this, the brand has also updated its twitter name to PUMA.eth.

With this move, Puma has joined the likes of Adidas and Nike as major sportswear brands that entered the NFT space although their offerings are yet to be revealed.

Adidas’ entry into NFTs was marked by a collaboration with Bored Apes Club, G Money and PUNKS comic to release new digital NFT collectibles and wearables for its metaverse push. Nike on the other hand joined the NFT race by way of investing in metaverse creator brand RTFKT Studios for their own metaverse wearable collection.

Adidas went a step further as they have teamed up with metaverse brand Sandbox where they own a plot of metaverse land. Plots such as the ones in Sandbox allow creators and companies to create their own metaverse experiences, aside from just wearables and collectibles, that can include theme parks, games, event venues and even virtual offices

Aside from this new NFT venture, Puma has also revealed a partnership with chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen whose company, Play Magnus Group is also creating metaverse and NFT related ventures together with Animoca Brands.

As the metaverse continues to expand, more big brands and names are expected to also join in and promote their own NFT collectibles and possible experiences.

This year alone, Sandbox has revealed that they have forged a partnership with Warner Music Group and even with Ubisoft’s Rabbid Rabbits franchise to expand their metaverse offerings.