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Quiccs enters the metaverse with Bulletpunk: Bitwars

It's an NFT collection AND a potential play-to-earn game!

From art to merchandise and now blockchain games, renowned modern-day Filipino artist and toy-designer Quiccs dives deeper into NFTs with the introduction of Bulletpunk: Bitwars, an upcoming blockchain game based on Quicc’s Bulletpunk design universe.

Teased as early as March 7, 2022, Bulletpunk: Bitwars looks to be a PVP game featuring unique NFT characters designed by Quiccs himself. Based around his Bulletpunk universe concept, players can collect and use iconic Bulletpunk characters such as TEQ63 and even new ones like Ukami, a brawler with what seems to be a cybernetic, wolf-head helmet, Ghost of Kurosawa a samurai, and Sharko, which is, well a hip-looking shark, although this time without a surfboard.

At the time of this writing there is still no website available for Bulletpunk: Bitwars just yet but based on the promotional material, it appears  to be a 1-versus-1, action game presenting in a retro 32-bit style reminiscent of the SNES’ Super Double Dragon and River City Girls. The games also seems to be targeted to release on mobile devices as its main platform.

The game will also run on the Solana network, known for its high-speed transactions and low gas fees which means that the financial barrier for entry for Bulletpunk: Bitwars could potentially be lower compared to Ethereum-based blockchain games.


quiccs tec63
Quiccs’ iconic toy/character design TEC63 and a few of its variants. | Photo by Chris Clemente

While it is his first game, Quiccs and his Bulletpunk characters have been involved with NFTs over the past year. The first of which being a collaboration with Blankos Block Party and the next being the release of his own “OG Collection” of NFTs together with Makersplace. Prior to doing NFTs, Quiccs was already known for his line of merchandise and art, themed mainly around the Bulletpunk universe. Bulletpunk combines TEQhwear aesthetics with traditional Japanese themes and Filipino culture as well with the most popular design being the character named TEQ63.

Bulletpunk: Bitwars began minting for its NFT characters on March 27, 2022. A Discord channel for Bulletpunk: Bitwars  has also been set up and includes more information about getting whitelisted for the minting event. Mint price starts at 1 SOL (USD 100.9 or PHP 5, 260 as of this article’s writing)

Quiccs’s Bulletpunk: Bitwars plans to join the growing subsection of the NFT Gaming industry focused primarily on mobile. On the flip side of the coin, Axie Infinity’s big Origin update will be launching on Desktop first.