Ragnarok Labyrinth online play to earn

Ragnarok is getting a Play to Earn release

Defeat enemies, get loot. Just a lot more emphasis on loot.

Old school MMORPG fans are in for a treat as the iconic title that started the Philippine MMO boom, Ragnarok Online, is finally getting its own Play-To-Earn version. The franchise’s long history which spans almost 2 decades has seen many variations of the title from remakes, off-shoots and mobile game versions. This year, Ragnarok Online’s newest iteration taking on the Play-To-Earn concept might just get the attention of its players once again.

Ragnarok Labyrinth brings the Ragnarok Online franchise back to mobile but with a new approach to gameplay and of course play-to-earn elements. Still following some key elements from the original game, players will be able to use different in-game classes, each their own unique attributes and skills, and traverse through dungeons where they defeat enemies for loot.

The dungeons can also be part of daily quests that will allow players to earn Onbuff Coins (ONIT), the game’s native token.

Other elements such as co-op PVE and PVP gameplay are also included, MVP bosses and as well as a job progression system which Ragnarok Online.

Right now Ragnarok Labyrinth is running a pre-registration promotion and as well as an ONIT Airdrop event through Upbit, a crypto exchange platform based in Southeast Asia.  The airdrop will run from March 9, 2022 to April 4, 2022 while the pre-registration rewards will be distributed once the game launches.

To participate in these events, interested players must first register for an Upbit account, whether on Upbit Indonesia or Upbit Thailand, and link their e-mails on the “pre-registration tab” in the Ragnarok Labyrinth website.

As of the moment though other key details for Ragnarok Labyrinth are yet to be revealed such as the utility of ONIT, the project’s whitepaper, roadmaps, and how the gameplay and player journey will actually be like but we will try keep an eye out for any new announcements in the near future.

Ragnarok Online was originally released in South Korea back in 2002, before making its way to North America, Europe and the rest of Asia in the following years. The game was first distributed in the Philippines back in 2003 under the game publisher Level Up Games (now PlayPark) and quickly became one of the most iconic and most beloved MMORPGs at the time.