Registration for United Gamers Battle Arena – Thetan Arena is now open

UGD partners with Thetan Arena for biweekly Esports tournament

Blockchain MOBA players, your esports journey begins now. United Gamers DAO forges a new partnership with blockchain MOBA title Thetan Arena for a series of competitive tournaments starting this July.

The biweekly tournament will be open to all Thetan Arena players and teams, both veterans and aspiring. Each tournament leg will feature 4 to 32 competing for a prize pot of BUSD 150. The first tournament in this series will take place this July 22, 2022. The registrations will begin on July 11, 2022.

Thetan Arena and UGD aim to open and explore opportunities that can lead to a significant shift in the blockchain gaming space. The competitive push will help lay the foundation of its future esports aspect and provide new avenues for skill-based player rewards. Making the push to esports will also allow for more partnerships, inviting brands to invest in the ecosystem with the guilds, players, and the development team. Esports have significantly impacted competitive games, allowing titles to last for decades. The success of esports also led to significant impacts in the lives of pro players and founding of an industry within the video game field. 

The UGD Thetan Arena tournament starts this July 22, 2022. Registration is now open and interested participants can now sign up HERE

Tournament Qualification

  • The tournament will have a maximum of 32 teams
  • Each team must have a minimum of 4 players
  • Qualified teams will be announced on the UG Battle Arena Tournament Discord Channel, a link to the channel is available on the tournament registration form.
  • Team captains are required to check-in during the check-in period before the tournament. Teams who fail to check in during the check-in period will forfeit their tournament slot


  • The United Gamers Battle Arena – Thetan Arena will follow a single-elimination format
  • All matches will be a Best of 3 except for the finals which is a Best of 5