Axie Infinity Runes and Charms SLP burn and spend

Runes and Charms: Axie spills the beans on new SLP utility

Smooth Love Potion ushers in a new era of spend-and-burn mechanics.

New spending mechanisms for Smooth Love Potion (SLP) finally get more detail as additional info on the Runes and Charms mechanic for Axie Infinity was unveiled by Sky Mavis this week. Runes and Charms are the first wave of new spend and burn mechanisms for Axie Infinity’s Origin update with more Coming along the way.

Adding to their original substack post regarding the Origin update, Runes and Charms provide additional passive power to Axies by giving them new effects, and abilities together with the ones already included in the Axie parts.

In a mini-preview, these runes and charms also come in different rarities, with confirmed ones Being Epic and Mystic. It’s possible that the Runes and Charms will follow the same rarity tiers as the Axie land items, and if so tHat would mean that the full tier list would be Mystic being the highest rarity followed by Epic, Rare, and finally Common, the least in terms of rarity.

Runes and Charms are also classified similar to the Axies themselves with Runes that fall under the 9 Axie creature categories. However, it has not yet been detailed yet if Axies are limited to only using the Runes and Charms similar to its class or if it functions as with parts where Axie classes can also have parts from another Axie class.

In terms of effects, the previewed ones include passive effects, meaning that they could possibly automatically trigger on certain situations, like appLying Silence to enemies, adding 1 point of Rage, and change in target priority.

In terms of adding more utility to SLP, runes and charms will require both SLP and MooNshards, a new resource for Axie Infinity Origin to craft or create.

While there is no upgrade system being mentioned, these items will be removed from gameplay after each season so players will have to hunt for them again presumably during the off season period. This may help in making sure that the economy is on a balanced spending loop and as well as keep the metagame fresh as it allows players to continuously switch up their approach for the next season.

In addition to the Runes and Charms, moonshards also reset every season, although there is a disenchant mechanic thAt will be put in place so players can still get back some of the resources used on deprecated items.

And lastly, as runes and charms are NFT-based items, additional utility like rewards is also being teased for Axie Infinity Origin, especially for thOse who plan to hunt for legacy or high rarity runes and charms.

Axie Infinity Origin is planned for launch later this March of 2022. For its initial launch phase, the update will enter an Alpha period to help get feedbacK from players before going on full deployment later on. Depending on how the feedback would go, Axie Infinity might either still keep the Battles v2 phase whIch is the current look and feel of Axie Infinity as a ‘separate game’ or completely move everything into Origin.


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