Sandbox metaverse $50 million funding with Brinc

Sandbox metaverse allocates $50m to startup accelerator

A partnership with VC firm Brinc is designed to rapidly scale 100 new startups.

The Sandbox metaverse is aiming for rapid expansion as the team launches their new Accelerator Program. Teaming up with Brinc, a tech focused venture capitalist company, Sandbox offers up to USD $50 million in investments for metaverse startups.

The goal is to help expand the Sandbox metaverse by introducing new additions and experiences that include art, collectibles, entertainment media, and gaming.

Sandbox’s ultimate goal is to create a new virtual world within the metaverse where users can share these experiences. Mechanics such as NFT land ownership, in-world games, and even virtual housing are all planned to be part of the Sandbox experience, and tools are already made available for community creators to start making their own add-ons such as GameMaker and Vox Edit.

However as these tools are ready for download, actual development, minting and mounting them into the Sandbox metaverse can take not just time but also money. This is where the new Accelerator Program comes in as Sandbox and Brinc are looking to fund their future creators. Up to USD $250,000 will be granted per team with a chance for follow-on investments. 

Sandbox and Brinc’s Metaverse Accelerator Program will be open to creators and development teams worldwide. Creators who will be part of the program will be entitled to benefits such as marketing, consultation and promotional support, user acquisition with Sandbox’s existing users, monetization opportunities, metaverse integration and of course immediate funding. Aside from preferring creator teams with members that already have experience in blockchain development or related industries, Sand and Brinc’s Accelerator Program is also looking into climate conscious projects and projects that utilize Proof of Stake protocols.

Sandbox  is one of the most promising large scale metaverse projects with partnerships that include well known brands like Atari, Hell’s Kitchen and The Walking Dead.

Major artists like Snoop Dogg, Deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin are also now part of the Sandbox experience.

Application to the Sandbox Metaverse Accelerator Program is available through the Brinc website and applications will be accepted until February 27, 2022.