Sandbox welcomes Warner Music to metaverse

Sandbox welcomes Warner Music Group to the metaverse

A music festival inside the metaverse? That might be a possibility as the global media titan makes its move into blockchain technology.

In what could be the biggest multimedia company entry into the world of NFTs so far, Sandbox has just announced that they have formed a partnership with media and content brand Warner Music Group. The team-up will aim in creating the first “music themed world” within the Sandbox metaverse, leveraging Warner Music Group’s extensive lineup of artists and intellectual property.

Warner Music Group has some of the biggest and most well known music artists of today on its roster, including Ed Sheeran, Bella Poarch, Dua Lipa, and many more.

As part of the deal, Sandbox has reserved a huge NFT estate for Warner Music Group , which they can then use for music concerts, festivals and many more. 

In celebration of this partnership Sandbox has also announced that they will be holding a future land sale to allow Sandbox users to purchase LANDs adjacent to the Warner Music Group Estate. While no exact date has been revealed yet for the sale, this is bound to be one of the biggest LAND sales that Sandbox might host as purchasing said NFT properties will allow Sandbox users to virtually rub elbows with the music company giant.

Music and NFTs

Warner Music Group may be the biggest music entity joining the NFT race but they are definitely not the first. Prior to this partnership, Sandbox had already teamed up with Snopp Dogg, Deadmau5 and Steve Aoki.

Other music artists have also previously announced plans or produced music projects as NFTs with some of the most notable ones including System of a Down’s Serj Tankian producing an NFT digital exhibit, Dutch DJ Don Diablo hosting a full length NFT music concert, and Kings of Leon releasing the first ever NFT music album.

Another major multimedia company, Universal Music Group, also launched an NFT music project back in 2021 in partnership with the popular Bored Apes brand. 

Just like NFT art, NFT music has been met with a mixed reception and is also bombarded with issues particularly with IP and copyright ownership.

While these can be resolved through strong smart contracts and as well as proper agreements between the artists themselves and the record labels, these issues will, without a doubt, also be a challenge that Warner Music Group will have to take head on as they prepare to launch their “music metropolis” in Sandbox.