Sandhelm MMORPG Sandbox metaverse

Sandhelm MMORPG metaverse NFTs minting now

Heroes may soon be gone, but thanks to the blockchain they'll never be forgotten.

Sandhelm, the upcoming MMORPG metaverse experience gets a huge boost as they reveal that they have formally teamed-up with Sandbox for their metaverse project. The partnership was finalized via Sandbox’ Game Makers Fund which aims to “support game designers in The Sandbox’s metaverse by funding creators’ projects and publishing their games.

Sandhelm’s existence first came to light mid-2021 in a Twitter announcement by one of its founders, Holly Voxels. Sandhelm promises a fantasy MMORPG experience within the Sandbox metaverse, making it a game within the game. The game also promises to utilize its founder’s hefty experience with tabletop and digital adventures to continuously expand the player experience.

To access the game world once it launches, players must first acquire one of the 9,999 available NFT heroes which will be randomly generated via a minting process. Each minted hero will come with a random class, set of attributes and physical characteristics.

Each wallet holder can mint up to 12 Sandhelm heroes with each mint price set at 0.07 ETH excluding any gas fees. These NFT heroes, which in turn are also digital assets, can also be linked to the OpenSea NFT marketplace where players can view or even trade them while the project is still in development.

Unfortunately, Sandhelm’s current roadmap does not provide any exact dates regarding when they plan to hit their development milestones. However, as they have started in the mint and trade of their NFT assets – particularly the characters or the heroes – the next phase, the game launch, should be the next anticipated milestone.

Just like the other metaverse experiences within The Sandbox, Sandhelm can provide opportunities for players to earn and utilize SAND, Sandbox’s native token.

SAND has been going steady in terms of value with a sideways trend ever since the start of 2022.

The coin saw a huge upward spike starting in late 2021 breaking the USD $1.00 barrier at the end of October 2021. SAND’s all-time high was recorded at USD $8.40 or PHP 424.09, back on November 25, 2021. As of this article’s writing, SAND is valued at USD $3.20 or PHP 163.81.