SEGA announces their first NFT game

It's not Sonic though

SEGA, a very well known Japanese video game and entertainment brand is finally diving into NFTs. In a new partnership with Oasys, SEGA licenses a new blockchain game built on the Oasys network.

SEGA’s new collectible-card blockchain title will be based on the SANGOKUSHI TAISEN franchise. The franchise borrows inspiration from the historic Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel by novelist Luo Guanzhong. double will be leading the development of the still untitled game and will release on Oasys’ Layer2 blockchain – HOME verse.

The SANGOKUSHI TAISEN franchise first came out back in 2005. It is part of SEGA’s arcade lineup running on the Nu2, RingEdge, Lindbergh and Chihiro arcade systems. Handheld versions of SANGOKUSHI TAISEN were also available on the Nintendo DS platform as well as a Windows PC version. The project follows Oasys recent partnerships with different developers and publishers in the gaming industry. Other notable gaming brands that are in-partnership with Oasys also include Square Enix, Ubisoft, Netmarble and Gumi. These game companies are also part of Oasys validator program. The venture is SEGA’s first actual foray into blockchain and NFTs after expressing their interest on it early this year.

Daiki Moriyama, Director for Oasys, says “Our ambition is to lead the mass adoption of blockchain games by providing players and developers alike with a safe, secure and stable environment in which they can comfortably play and create the games of the future, with all the familiar gaming brands that they have always known and are accustomed with” He also adds “we will continue striving to become the premier blockchain of choice for all future blockchain games, and are excited to share more about our upcoming projects in due course.”

No information regarding release dates or roadmaps are available just yet for SEGA’s new blockchain game title.